What have we been up to in Years 1 and 2?

The Year 1s and 2s have just started their unit on 'Where we are in place and time', with a central idea of '​​People's daily life is connected to the place in which they live'​They are discovering and discussing the different types of environments that people live in worldwide and how that influences the way they live through the lines of inquiry

  • Location and features of places
  • Connections between place and the way people live
  • How people create spaces for daily life in our community

We started this unit by looking at a range of different schools worldwide and why communities would build them in specific ways. There was some great questioning, especially when it came to schools being built on buses, boats and underground!

They then looked at our school and the location and features of Minimbah, why our school is created the way it is and made connections to why we wouldn't want the music room next to the classroom and why the oval is down near the bottom of our school. They then used technology to create and edit their own 'welcome videos' to explain to any visitors the unique features of Minimbah.

Then we started to look more specifically at weather and climates around the world and different parts of Australia. They showed some of their prior understandings by working in groups to figure out where children from various pictures lived and what sort of things they did. They had to make claims and prove why they thought that, but it also raised many questions that they are curious to now explore.

Next, they will be using their research skills to find out facts about specific places that they are interested in, including the types of homes there and the needs of the community.

Year 1 and 2 Teachers