Welcome to Year 6!

We’ve had an excellent start, setting ourselves up for a successful year ahead. A big thank you to all those who attended our information night and parent-teacher interviews; we value the information gained and encourage open, two-way communication to continue.

Homework has begun! Last Friday, students were given their homework tasks for the term and encouraged to read through all the tasks before deciding on a task to begin. These tasks have been designed to complement the learning at school while allowing students agency in how they complete their tasks.

Auditions for roles in our production of Matilda are underway, with many performers showing great resilience and bravery, overcoming nerves to give it their best shot! Mrs Wong and Mr Huddle will announce the cast in Week 9, and rehearsals will begin in Term 2.

Year 6 are heavily involved in the upcoming Minimbah Fair. We have the responsibility of running several stalls and helping across the other activities and stalls of younger year levels. We have some schedules set up in the Homestead, and most students have committed to operating a stall for part of the afternoon and evening. Please check in with your child to discuss where and when they need to be available to help at a stall. It promises to be a wonderful event which may include a surprise performance!

Thank you for your support as we begin the end of your child’s primary school experience,

Jacqui and Jonno

Find below a brief outline of our program for this term.


Students have started our Who We Are inquiry unit, where they explore roles and responsibilities within different communities and their roles as leaders within our school community. As discussed at the parent information night, this unit of inquiry will be an overarching inquiry throughout the year centred around the idea of ‘Building a sense of community creates a sense of belonging’, where student-led initiatives will be encouraged wherever inspired.

Lines of inquiry for our Who We Are inquiry unit:

  • Our rights and responsibilities within a community
  • Factors that contribute to and promote a sense of belonging
  • How we promote a sense of belonging in our community.


Minimbah loves reading, and Year 6 is no different; we’re committed to developing a community of readers who appreciate reading for information and enjoyment. Literacy groups will commence shortly, where students will meet their point of the challenge.

Year 6 have been interacting with their Homestead Partners listening to their stories, and asking insightful questions to gain a better understanding of who they are. They will then use the interviews to write a biography of their Homestead Partner. Later in the term, students will engage with the language features of opinion pieces, discussions and expositions.


In Mathematics, our approach addresses the four proficiencies of understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning, collaborating closely as part of the Homestead team to meet students’ needs.

Number and Algebra

Central Idea: The base 10-number system follows a multiplicative pattern.

Lines of inquiry:

  • Patterns in number systems
  • Magnitude in the base 10 number system
  • Negative numbers in the base 10 number system
  • Using place value to assist with solving problems.

Measurement and Geometry

Central idea: Time systems have been constructed to measure and organise time.

Lines of inquiry

  • Systems for organising time
  • Calculating elapsed time in complex situations.

Statistics and Probability

Central Idea: The way data is collected, organised and presented is connected to its purpose.

Lines of inquiry

  • Developing purposeful questions for data collection
  • Formats for collecting, organising and presenting data
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of formats for collecting, organising & presenting data.