Visual Thinking Strategies. VCE students lead an ECC investigation.

The announcement of the ‘Cocoon’s’ visit was met with both enthusiasm (and some mild horror) by the Year 11 Studio Arts classes.

I, for one, really enjoyed watching the Minimbah student’s reactions to our artworks in the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Gallery. The artworks were created through a creative process, which included our classes curating the exhibition. We loved sharing the both the process and the artworks with the children. We enjoyed seeing how they could be used as inspiration by others was fantastic.

It was amusing to watch my classmate’s reactions as the children declared which artwork was their favourite and endearing to watch the Year 11s discuss their work.

“Lines in art are interesting. I am going to do art with lines. “ Anokhi

For many others, it was a similar experience. Some of them had limited experience with children of such a young age and felt a little awkward. However, being given a talking point which could be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their age, meant that by the end of the day they were all sharing high fives.

They helped me with my drawings.” Gabby

Though there was a certain amount of trepidation involving the visit, it resulted in being a whimsical experience which we all enjoyed and learnt from. Hopefully, the kids from the ‘Cocoon’ enjoyed the experience as much as we did. We’re all looking forward to seeing their artworks and meeting them again soon.

Georgia How – Y11