VCE Update

Welcome back from Camp Week. Such a fantastic opportunity for Woodleigh students to explore new skills, reset and get to know new people.

As we head toward the tail end of Term 1, I would like to thank families for their support in ensuring that students are focused on their learning and working to the best of their abilities. We appreciate your support in working with us in reminding students to complete 2-3 hours of revision per subject per week.

During Homestead last week, I spoke with students about establishing a consistent and regular study routine at school and home. Should any students require additional support, I encourage them to talk with their Tutor or the Careers team, who would be happy to help.

SEQTA Engage – Senior Years Portal

Just a reminder that we have created a section on SEQTA specific to all VCE matters. Please keep a regular eye on this resource area as it is where we will post useful information to help navigate the VCE.

Changes to VCE Subject Enrolments

Our school-based cut-off date for Unit 1 and 3 subject changes was Week 5. Of course, there may be exceptional reasons why changes may still need to occur. In this case, the VCAA dates, which MUST be met, are:

· July 17* – final date to enrol or withdraw from Unit 3 and 4 sequences.

(*Changes after these dates can only occur on Compassionate Grounds.)

There may be Year 11 students considering a subject change for Unit 2. Unit 2 studies will commence after the Year 11 exam period is completed. Any students wishing to investigate a possible change should see Mr Benton or me.

Mid-year VCAA VCE examinations and SEA Special Examination Arrangements

All students completing at least one Unit 3 and 4 study MUST sit the GAT (General Achievement Test) on Thursday, June 15 (all day). This includes all unscored students.

The closing date for Special Examination Arrangements for known illnesses, learning difficulties etc., has been slightly extended to April 6. However, Woodleigh requests all documentation be received no later than April 1 to allow time for lodgement. We can still make applications for newly diagnosed conditions throughout the year or update current applications. If you have any questions or concerns about SEA and if you/your daughter/son may qualify, please contact me.

SAC Absence Reminders

This is a reminder that parents must notify Woodleigh Reception as early as possible on the day their daughter/son is absent from school – including all senior students. Senior students who will miss a Unit 3 and 4 SAC or SAT due to absence MUST have a Medical Certificate (or similar) and present it to me as soon as they return to school so that Special Provision arrangements can be put into place. Students who know they will miss a SAC because of sports, excursions or OES trips etc. You MUST see me before the event to organise a change of date and to complete any required VCAA paperwork.

VCE Coordinator