VCE & Senior Homestead Update

Thank you for your continued efforts throughout our remote learning period. We realise how challenging the environment can be and are immensely proud of how you continue to tackle the obstacles that 2021 presents.

In terms of our end of year celebrations for our Year 12 students, planning is well underway for these events, including the Reflection Service and Valedictory. The exact form that each of these important milestone events will take is still evolving due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 environment and subsequent restrictions. However, we are confident and committed to ensuring these events are a fitting farewell for our valued Year 12 students and their families.

The GAT – Tuesday, October 5.

Just another reminder that the GAT is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, between 10 am-1:15 pm at school. This is a compulsory VCAA assessment for all Year 12 students (including unscored) AND any Year 11 students studying a Year 12 subject OR completing a scored VCE VET program. Many of our current Year 12 students will have completed the GAT in 2020 and have ‘fond’ memories. I will do a more formal email about it and another reminder of the examination rules just before the end of the holidays. Still, there are a couple of crucial bits of information I want to pass on now for consideration.

The GAT must be taken seriously as it becomes a point of reference for the VCAA to consider against both your coursework and exam marks. However, GAT results:

  • do not count directly towards a student’s VCE results
  • help check that school-based and external assessments have been accurately assessed
  • contribute to statistical moderation of school-based assessment results
  • help calculate Derived Examination Scores
  • determine scores in school-based assessment, external assessment and if a derived examination score is required due to illness, accident and trauma.

Those last two points are an insurance policy if anything goes less than favourably across the exam period. While it is not something anybody can strictly study and prepare for like a normal subject, it is definitely worth looking at and completing some past/practice GAT questions throughout the holiday period.

BRYN BOWEN – Acting VCE Coordinator

HAYDN FLANAGAN - Director of Pastoral Care Senior Homestead

AMY WHITE - Head of Teaching Senior Secondary