VCE Key Dates Term 2 2021

VCE Key Dates Term 2 2021

Term 2 is a significant hurdle for our VCE students as Unit 1 for Year 11 subjects and Unit 3 for Year 12 subjects will be working towards their conclusion. All students must be fully aware of their responsibilities in working towards their ‘S’ for these respective Units. They will be advised before the end of Week 4 if there are any outstanding concerns and allowed to rectify them immediately.

Many subjects will have significant SAC/SAT deadlines at various points, particularly during Weeks 5 & 6 (May 17-28) as outlined in the Term 2 SAC Calendar (on SEQTA under Documents) first major external VCAA assessment is the GAT which is outlined below.

General Achievement Test (GAT) – Wednesday, June 9, 10 am - 1:15 pm

This is the first external VCAA assessment that is compulsory.

  • All students enrolled in a Year 12 subject or a scored VET program, including unscored students
  • Duration – 10am-1:15pm
  • Location – Senior Homestead

Some further information about the GAT can be found here, and students will have an information session during Homestead in Term 2 concerning rules, required materials, expectations, and purpose. 

Year 11 Examination Period – Tuesday, June 1 through Wednesday, June 9

All students completing a Year 11 (Unit 1 & 2) subject will have an examination (or two for General Maths, Maths Methods, and Specialist Maths) scheduled into a timetable for this period. Students will receive a personalised timetable for their exams to know when they are required at school. Exams will be held in Senior Homestead.

During this examination period, no Year 11 classes will be running, and Year 11 students will not be expected at school unless they have an exam scheduled. More information will come in a formal letter and/or Operoo in the early weeks of Term 2 once all details have been finalised.

Acting VCE Coordinator. Senior Homestead Tutor