VCAA Plain English-Speaking Awards

Woodleigh was represented by two of our VCE students, Emma S and Gemma B, at this year’s VCAA Plain English-Speaking Awards (PESA). Both students spoke exceptionally well and presented highly engaging 6 minute prepared speeches. 

Emma’s was 'Is Wasting Time Really Wasting Time' and Gemma’s 'Autism in The Media'. They also delivered 3-minute unprepared speeches on ‘Every Ending is A New Beginning’, for which they only had 4 minutes of preparation time. All the day’s competitors were assigned this topic.

Emma and Gemma spoke exceptionally well and held their own in very high quality and a collegiate group of students from schools around Melbourne. The prepared speech topics were on a wide assortment of topics, ranging from 'The Mediocrity of Men’s Fashion', 'Formative Activism vs Personal Activism' to 'Casual Racism' to name a few. 

I am in awe of the students who took part and were impressed with the quality of all the speeches and the depth of thought demonstrated. I was also very proud of Emma and Gemma, who were strong competitors on the day.

Director of Debating and Public Speaking

"This year, Gemma and I were given the opportunity to present at the Plain English-Speaking Awards. In our round, five different Victorian schools met at Mentone Girl’s Grammar, bringing two students who each presented a 6 minute prepared oral presentation and 3 minute improvised speech over the course of the day. The quality of the presentations we saw on the day was incredible, and it was such a great environment to share ideas and have discussions about the topic after each presentation with a really great group of students. Overall, the day was a blast and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is given the opportunity!" Emma S Yr 12.