Urban Adventure Camp Reflection

Activities week 2022 was one we’ll never forget.

On day one we had an amazing time at the O’Brien Skate House, where we learned to ice skate. After that we had a great time taking photos at ArtVo, where we saw some art works that took 800 hours to paint. The last thing we did was an MCG tour with our passionate tour guide Richard.

On day two we were lucky enough to have a foodies tour at the box market and got to try all the different kinds of food that most of us haven’t yet like kangaroo, chicken, Manchego, feta, and a few dips that were amazing. After the foodies tour we had a food challenge that was delicious and fun.

After we are the delicious food we walked to Hard Rock rock climbing. Even though the harnesses were a bit uncomfortable, the overall experience was awesome.

Day three was a bit hard for most of us because we did a 30km bike ride that made our legs very sore. We had many stops and we could buy lunch near Luna Park and everyone went to the McDonalds for lunch.

On day four we when to an escape room and it was so fun to try and get out and work together and find out who did it and get out. There were different levels of escape rooms.

We then had some fun at MSAC doing the wipe-out program. In that we did an inflatable course, then we went on the diving boards and after we did a 3-metre dive. We also did the wave pool and played with some balls that were in the pool.

Day five we went to Eureka Sky Deck and did a virtual tour of the city because we couldn’t do The Edge experience. Then we went to the top and looked out at the city. After we got some lunch and we’re on our way to Bounce in Glen Iris. At Bounce we played dodgeball and the X park, then we had some free time and did our own thing. Then sadly we had to go, and that was the end of our amazing camp.

Year 7