Unpacking our Year 5 Study Tour

We're delighted to report that the Sovereign Hill Study Tour 2022 was a huge success. We were thrilled with the way the students conducted themselves over the 3 days. They all fully immersed themselves in the program, co-operated, and involved themselves in every aspect. We actively received compliments and positive feedback from various staff and interactions throughout the tour. We are proud of the year 5 children; they are a credit to you all.

We departed swiftly on Wednesday 10 August with happy students waving off their parents. A quick stop for morning tea and to welcome Mr Davies aboard, then we were off on our final leg to Sovereign Hill. Without wasting a minute, the children were out exploring the town in their small groups and feeling the vibe of the 1850s. During the afternoon, we descended into the labyrinth mine for a guided tour. The students were fascinated and captivated as they learned about the mining practices. After a little more exploring and then we headed back to our accommodation, freshened up for dinner and the AURA sound and light show.

Day two saw us up early and off to breakfast before our first day at the Sovereign Hill Costume School. The students were thrilled to be placed in their schools and were briefed on the expected behaviours of the 1850s classroom. With a wink of an eye, they were transported back in time and into the individual characters that they had created prior to the tour. We commend each student for their outstanding performance throughout the costume school experience as they really made the most of every day.

After school, we rushed to the creek and tried our luck at panning for gold. Eagerly we panned and sifted in hope of striking gold. As the sun set, we made our way to dinner, an early story, and bed ahead of another big day at school in the 1850s.

After a solid night's sleep, we were back behind our wooden desks with quill in hand for our final handwriting lesson. A highlight of the day was the gold pour demonstration where two lucky students were able to hold the 3kg bar of solid gold.

Following a quick bite to eat and a gratitude circle, our cups were full. We boarded the bus homeward bound. It was lovely to see smiling faces reunite with families after a successful couple of nights away.

The study tour was a huge success as many children conquered fears when they stepped out of their comfort zones and tried new experiences.

Since returning from the study tour, the students have been fine-tuning their motor skills by personalising their costumes for The Little Mermaid musical performances on Wednesday 31 August and Thursday 1 September. Each student sewed on the buttons on their chef shirts and worked together in our activity sessions to create, paint, cut, glue and stitch together props and costumes for the whole school scene.

Friday 2 September we will have a whole school Pyjama Day to unwind after a busy production week. Please remember any donations of socks, jocks or PJs to assist our Foundation class in their support for local charity MSFIN which performs amazing work supporting vulnerable children and families.

Year 5 Teachers