Unit 2 Activities Update

It has been fabulous to see the way so many students have engaged with the Activities program as part of the Continuous Learning Program so far this term. Activities is timetabled on Monday and Wednesday’s lesson 5 (11.55-12.25pm), with lesson information available to students through their ‘Courses’ section on SEQTA. We have a growing number of ‘one-off’ Activity options available for students to choose from each session. Thank you to the students who have completed the session feedback form and uploaded images and videos to the Activities OneDrive at the end of each session. We hope students will continue to enjoy the evolving Activity options as they become available.


I cleaned off an old birdcage I had and plan to fill it with some new air plants I bought
Eliza C

I enjoyed gardening because I got make the garden a lot neater
Marley S

It was nice having a break from screens and being outside.
Daniel L

It was very peaceful after all the online work.
Tia B

In this session I learnt that faster isn't always better and patience can be for the better.
Noah N

I split apart some cacti and plants to multiply to bring inside. I replanted them into homemade concrete pots that I made on Wednesday.
Kate S

During today’s Activity I participated in gardening with my dad, we found old cups and grabbed some soil he had left over and planted tomato and pumpkin seeds in them.
Maddy S

I laid turf with my dad and planted some trees in our garden.
Charlie G

I learnt about when and how the climate effects the seasonal foods and what conditions to grow them in. This helps me to understand the importance of seasonal eating and homegrown fruit and vegetables. Today I harvested some nashis, apples, strawberries and tomatoes. I also fixed up the garden beds for the roses.
Gemma C

I enjoyed gardening but it was a bit difficult with my dog bringing me the ball every 2 seconds.
Gabriel F

I already had a garden, but this Activity helped me be grateful of it.
Patrick S

I really liked this session, I worked with my Dad and we did a lot in the backyard. We put down some new rocks in the backyard, planted some new plants and put in some new numbers out the front of my house.
Jemima S


I ran around bounced on the trampoline and had fun
André N

It was nice to get out and enjoy some sunshine
Joshua L


I did 50 star jumps and practised my throwing and catching skills.
Mia A

I loved this Activity it encouraged me to get outdoors and be active.
Maya W

I have shot some hoops and went for a scoot around the block.
Brayden S


I really enjoyed this, it was a good reflective and mindful Activity.
Poppy M

I choose to use chalk to draw on my fence which was fun, and I got a load of positive feedback from people that walked past and my family.
Sascha S

It was super fun; it was a good time to just chill out and draw.
Thomas M

I was inspired by the example of rock art and did a similar thing on an existing concrete pot.
Kate S


I made lunch and dinner for my family.
Pali L

It was really nice to be able to give back to others.
Noah N


I really enjoyed meditating it took my mind off a lot of things and it was very relaxing.
Mikaylah L

I really needed this break today. It was so good to refocus and relax.
Ella J