The Woodleigh Reader – No: 1

During the recent round of Parent Student Teacher Interviews, many parents expressed concern that their once avid readers seemed to have stopped reading during 'lockdown.' One of the reasons given was that there was no access to the Library collections. We may not have access to paper books, but we have access to more than 5000 titles through our Wheelers subscription!

This is the first of a series of Messenger articles presenting great stories to Woodleigh Readers. Enjoy!

Our first books are a Triple Treat!

A Great Escape, The Boy and The Spy, and Fearless Frederic are a 'loose' trilogy – that is, they are all set in the 20th century, and they are all adventures. A historical adventure series, if you will!

Fearless Frederic is the story a young man, Frederic, whose Parisian family is reasonably comfortable – lovely apartment, good food, and loving parents. But that all changes when, firstly, Frederic's father is killed in a robbery from the Museum where he works as a night guard, and then Frederic and his mother are forced to leave their home when the Paris sewerage system and The Seine start to overflow. Frederic is determined to discover the robbers' identity and avenge his father's death, but he can't do it on his own. Luckily, he finds some fearless friends who are up for all sorts of amazing adventures!

The Boy and The Spy is set on the island of Sicily, just off the coast of Italy. The time is World War II, and the hero of the story is Antonio, orphan, and urchin (rota). When Antonio cheekily taunts the soldiers occupying the island and has to jump into the sea to escape an angry German, his life changes in dramatic and unimagined ways. Thank goodness he is resourceful and courageous!

In A Great Escape, Felice Arena transports the reader to Germany at the time of the raising of the Berlin Wall. Peter's parents and sister take a trip to West Germany without Peter, mainly because he is too busy playing with his mates. He realises that the border is closed too late, and he may never see his family again. He is lucky that his grandparents are in East Germany, so he has somewhere to live, but many people are from both sides of The Wall are not so fortunate, finding themselves stuck on one side or the other forever.

These titles are available to ALL students of Woodleigh School from Year 6 and above. To access the Woodleigh Wheelers collection, navigate to, Login, and start reading on your laptop! Students who wish to read on a smaller device (phone or tablet) can download the ePlatform app straight from the Wheelers website.

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MIFFY FARQUHARSON Head of Libraries & Senior Campus Teacher-Librarian