The Model United Nations Assembly

The 2023 Rotary Model United Nation Assembly.

Earlier this term four Yr. 11 students represented Woodleigh at the 2023 Rotary Model United Nations Assembly. There were two teams, one representing Belerus and the other Yemen. The four students, Ronan Coster and James Longley (Belerus) and Alastair Jones and Patrick Seymour (Yemen) had to research about their allocated countries and then prepare arguments on four different resolutions for a day of United Nation styled debates.

A long but very rewarding day.

Marney Pope

MUNA messenger article

Earlier this term, Ronan Coster, Alastair (Al) Jones, Patrick Seymour and myself (James) competed in the Rotary Club Model UN Assembly, alternatively known as MUNA. Coming straight off the back of activities week camps, we were all tired but still looking forward to the extra-curricular event.

In preparation, co-delegates, Ronan and I, researched everything about our allocated country, Belarus. The other two co-delegates, Patrick and Al, researched about Yemen. With limited available information Ronan and I used actual Belarusian speeches from the real General Assembly. We wrote our speeches to mimic correct protocol as closely as possible to the actual Belorussia ones.Arguing for a country that holds such a different political view to Australia was quite challenging to formulate arguments for. Still, it got significantly easier as we gained practice as the different resolutions were debated. My highlight was presenting our speeches on the final resolution, ‘Social Media Regulation’. The entire assembly understood how the day operated and really got into their country's characters. The debates were very heated and well planned. All in all, Model UN challenged us in a unique environment, which allowed us to develop our public speaking skills and self -confidence.

"Yemen is still tired" Al Jones (in relation to the war) was the favourite quote of the day!

James Longley Year 11.