The Little Mermaid wrap up

The Woodleigh Hall was awash with colour, movement, and anticipation as we prepared for our three epic performances of The Little Mermaid. From dress rehearsals to opening night, to our final performance on Thursday, there’s one thing that stood out for all performers and spectators. This was Minimbah at its best. Everyone collaborated, supported one another, and together, we made the experience a positive and unforgettable one.

Here are some reflections from our Year Six cast.

In my opinion the most memorable thing about production would have to be the dress rehearsals. I say this because each dress rehearsal had a completely different experience, and they were all fantastic experiences.

The first dress rehearsal was everyone being shocked about each other’s outfit and getting used to the space we would be working in. It was awesome to get to school and see all of the different interpretations of what the characters should look like.

The second dress rehearsal was getting used to the microphones and learning more about the space we had. It was all about learning about the rules we had while we were wearing the microphones. It was a great learning experience, and the vibe was great.

The third dress rehearsal was learning about make-up. It was a very cool vibe and everyone had a laugh about their make-up. I loved this experience just as much as the other ones.

So, in summary, the dress rehearsals will stay with me even if I don’t realise it.


The most memorable thing about the production is when we would laugh for ages if someone messed up a line or action and we would all laugh at it together rather than laughing at them. An example of this is when Luca said “harpwoons” instead of “harpoons”. And when Ashanah was at a dentist appointment, Ruby stood in for her and then Jampa came in and started singing, and then we all jumped in and started singing.


I learned how to take on a character, who’s not like myself and how to be someone else. I learned how to take on feedback and challenge myself to be the best Ursula I could be. To perform in front of everyone was amazing and it boosted my confidence in performing and sharing a passion of mine.


Production really taught me to be confident with singing. I’ve improved heavily when singing solos. I know that a few of my Mersister friends were in the same boat as me, so I felt really supported. I feel like my memory has improved after having to remember my lines.


Throughout the last two terms, I have been really grateful for having the chance to be in the school production. I have loved the experience, and it has been great to find out that I had another talent in me since it got one of the main roles, Prince Eric. I loved still being able to enjoy the production and hang out with my friends. In general, the experience was awesome. In the future, if I have another chance to be in a production, I will take it.


During the production I was most grateful for my friends – they helped me get through. It would have been boring without them. Everyone pushed each other to their limits, to help us do our best and make the most of it all.