The Hive Update

It's hard to believe that our year in The Hive is coming to an end! We have made it through a challenging year, and this has only been possible because of your support and collaboration with us. We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy summer break and look forward to seeing you in 2021. Enjoy this very last messenger update for the year!


Many of the children have helped out in the garden this term. We have planted some new vegetables and have been observing their growth. They contribute to our space showing respect, responsibility, and personal best.

How We Express Ourselves - Unit of Inquiry

This term saw us inquire into how we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture and beliefs, and values; how we reflect on, extend, and enjoy our creativity.

After discussing with the children, we decided that storytelling and physical movement would be a way to express ourselves through movement, verbal language, and mark-making. We had incredible inquiries emerging where the children would make up their own stories and games, demonstrating to one another how they could be principled, open-minded, and take responsible risks for learning.

"You have to wait your turn," Riley

"I think we should make it harder," Fletcher

"We can make our own face masks for the game," Remi

"I know draw a line, so people know where to stand," Henry

"Over here" (pointing to the line) Teddy

"We could have two teams," Eli

VEYLDF: Community

We can take action to assist other children to participate in social groups. We can express an opinion on matters that affect us.  It is essential to listen to others' ideas and respect different ways of being and doing.

How we express ourselves through art and Storytelling. 

Collaborative Christmas Drawing 2020

The children worked hard to create this fantastic collaborative Christmas piece of artwork. As part of our Unit Of Inquiry, we developed a story and used artwork to express our ideas.

The Hive Christmas Story

Christmas is when you eat chocolate and put a Christmas tree up wish people a good Christmas. Santa has a sleigh, and sometimes he brings giant gifts; other times, it's small ones. He has so many things. I don't know how his sack can fit all of these presents.

It's a busy time of year. You see elves working in Santa's workshop, and they have boots and elf hats. Can you find their favourite food? It's the lollipop.

The fireplace is significant, can you find it?

They need it to stay warm because they live in the North Pole with Santa, and it's freezing there. Did you know there is even snow? Santa and his elves make a snow butterfly together, and then they decide to make one hundred snowballs.

Christmas brings lots of wishes, lollies, chocolate, magic, flowers, and family.

Can you spot a gingerbread house? Some people make gingerbread houses and decorate them with lots of lollies and treats.

In the North Pole, they make one together and eat it on Christmas day.

Rudolph will guide Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. There will be many different presents for everyone. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Remember, Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, enjoy food, and share.

PYP learner profile: 

Communicators and Risk Takers

VEYLDF: Communication

We can communicate our ideas and feelings using a variety of materials.  When working with others, it is important to listen, share ideas, modify, or adapt behaviour.  Collaboration requires compromise and negotiation.

Our stories and traditions 

Sharing our stories is another way we express ourselves.

"I go camping for summer," Henry

"Santa puts presents under the tree," Fletcher

"We see Santa on the TV at the North Pole. I will open up presents with Hector" Aubin

"I leave carrots for the reindeers. I will have food with my family for Christmas." Maisy

"On Christmas Eve, I put out some cookies, milk, water, and carrots for the Reindeers and Santa," Sophie

"Over the holidays, I will go to Yarra Junction. I share presents with Teddy, and we decorate our Christmas tree together," Elleni

I will put the Christmas tree up with Sebby. Daddy does the star, and Mummy does the lights," Remi

"I get a Christmas tree for Christmas with mummy, daddy, and nanny. I decorate it with lights and a star. Santa puts presents in a stocking. I write a Christmas list" Kai

"I go to the beach in Summer. Santa puts presents under the tree. I decorate the Christmas tree with lights and a star" Riley

"I play with my cars for summer and read books with my mum. Presents are under the tree on Christmas morning," Felix

"I decorate the Christmas tree with a star. Santa makes presents at a workshop, and then they go under my tree. I go to the beach with Dorothy. I will make a list for Santa; I want some Lego" William

"I get a Christmas tree at my house. We decorate the tree with some pretty things, lights, and a star. There will be presents under the tree" Harriet

"I go driving at Christmas. I buy a Christmas tree and decorate it. Lights are on the tree. I go to the beach when it's sunny." Daisy

"Mummy and Daddy get the Christmas tree from under the stairs, and I help them to decorate it. Daddy puts the golden star on the top. We go to the beach a lot in Summer," Eli

"A star Christmas tree is put up at our house at Christmas. We open presents around the Christmas tree. I will see Abby at Christmas, and we will decorate the tree as a family," Luca

"We don't get stockings at Christmas. We put the tree up and Charlotte and I decorate it. I do lots of playing with my family over summer" Ollie W

"Get a bit tree, decorate a Christmas tree with mummy and daddy. Santa puts presents under the tree. We have a star and lights. I will go away and to the beach." Teddy

"All of us get the Christmas tree. Christmas decorations will be put on the tree as a family. I have a gold star on top; mum and dad lift me so I can put on. Santa puts the presents under the tree. For Summer, we set up the pool at home," Olivia

VEYLDF: Communication

The way we respond to and communicate with others can impact our relationships.

-Establish and maintain respectful, trusting relationships with other children and educators.

Respond to others, confidently explore their experiences in small and large group discussions.

Thank you for your beautiful messages, gifts, and cards. We are incredibly fortunate to work with your children and develop strong partnerships that have allowed the children to grow in confidence. We appreciate everything you have done this year to support our program. Enjoy your Christmas break. You have all well and truly earned it!