The Hive Term 2, Week 4 Update

We have had such a different start to our term; however, it's been inspiring to see the resilience children have shown in adapting to our new way of learning and developing new skills around communication and ICT. Thank you to all the families who have engaged so positively with online learning. We understand that many of you are trying to juggle working from home, helping other children with home learning, and perhaps managing a host of other challenges. Please know that we are here to help and realise that your child will need your support to access our Continuous Learning Program.

The learning is different for everyone, and the children's level of engagement varies each day. Please don't worry if you can't manage to access all the activities or are unable to share your child's learning every day. For our early learners, playis an essential way for them to learn, and we want you to have fun with the program and enjoy this particular time with your child. Our priority is the wellbeing and safety of both the children and their families, so let us know if we can support you in any way!

We are eager to personalise our program and incorporate your child's current interests. Keep in touch; we would love to hear about your family adventures and activities!

For those families who have needed to send their children into the centre, we thank you for your patience with our new drop off and pick up system as well as hygiene procedures and temperature checks. 

We have incorporated intentional teaching experiences focussed on:

  • Social distancing
  • Handwashing
  • Using our sleeve/elbow for coughing and sneezing
  • Understanding COVID 19

You have all been working on this at home. We have seen some great handwashing and heard lots of children singing Happy Birthday in the bathroom!

We are working hard to ensure that the program is being kept consistent across both the online and onsite settings. Our educators in the centre are supporting the children to access videos, zoom sessions, and learning engagements posted by their teacher on Seesaw. Insert photos of children in the centre – handwashing, drying hands, social distancing pics, children working in hoops 

The children have been noticing various weather changes and have the opportunity to spend periods engaged in both indoor and outdoor play and nature experiences during working time. 

We have begun our new Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet, and the children are excited to learn more about storytelling, nature art, and sustainability. 

"Sharing the Planet" 

Exploring Aboriginal Connections to Country

To begin term 2, we investigated flags from our country, and it was a timely way for us also to acknowledge Anzac Day. It provided us with an opportunity to observe and learn about the flags and their connection to our country Australia. We have these flags in the ECC and around the school, and many of the children recognised they were part of our learning space. 

The children are very familiar with our Acknowledgement to country and understand that Bunjil has two laws. 

1. To look after nature, earth, or as known in Boonwurrung/Bunerong language the Bik.

2. Look after the BupBups—the children. 

It's a lovely opportunity for children to learn more songs and explore natural and man-made materials and their impact on nature. 

We are having an incursion to learn some more Bunurong/Boon Wurrung language that Aunty Faye Stewart has given to Lenka, our presenter, which will inspire us through various movements and provocations around nature, animals, and art. It will be a magical experience for everyone involved! 


"Children respond to diversity with respect."

It's evident when children respond to diversity with respect. 

  • Explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background, and tradition, and those present diverse opportunities for choices and new understandings. 
  • Become aware of connections, similarities, and differences between people.
  • Listen to others' ideas and respect different ways of being and doing. 

Sharing the planet

Connecting with Country through art

The children have been interested in collecting treasures to put into their hand made flower press made from recycled cardboard and paper. 

We are looking forward to seeing their unique art creations for Mother's Day!

Music in the Hive

Throughout Term 1, the ECC children have been continuing to develop their musical skills through songs, games, and activities. The children are becoming more familiar and proficient, using rhythm and copy the beat games. Throughout Term 2, we will continue to learn more songs related to our Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet. 

We hope our mothers do enjoy our little song and performance we are practicing for you!

VEYLDF: Communication

"Children engage with a range of texts and get meaning from these texts."

It's evident, for example, when children:

  • Sing chant rhymes, jingles, and songs. 
  • Actively engage in texts and language. 
  • Use gestures, actions, comments, and questions to engage with language. 

Happy Mother's Day to all our Hive Mums

"I love your cuddles, mum." Olivia

"I love to dance with mum." Felix

"I like to make cookies with my mum." Kai

"I like chopping wood with my mum." Ollie C

"I like making pancakes with ice-cream with mum." Sophie

"I like baking cupcakes with mum." Ollie W

"I like playing games with mum." Riley

"I like going for walks and having a baby chino with mum." Eli

"I love you, mum."Alice

"I love you, mum." Elleni

"I love walks with mum." Teddy

"I love cuddles and kisses with mummy." Harriet

VEYLDF: Communication: 

"Children are effective communicators; they interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes."

It's evident when children: 

  • Convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, building on home/family and community literacies. 
  • Contribute their ideas in small and larger group discussions.


Thank you for joining us in our program from home and in the ECC! 

We thank each one of you for helping make our program a success. We are fortunate to have each other and share in our learning no matter where we are!

Head of Early Learning