The Hidden Tales of Hunter Inkwell

The Hidden Tales of Hunter Inkwell began as an idea of a young ghost child lost in his own world, trying to piece together his memories to find a way back home. As this idea was taken through the scriptwriting process, the incredible tale of Hunter Inkwell’s journey began.

Through a series of stories unfolding to reveal another chapter about his hidden past, Hunter and the children he meets along the way find friendship and a common bond together. A new set of characters come alive with each story and provide the missing links to the ghost child’s memories. Our story is one of HOPE, COURAGE, PERSISTENCE, RISK TAKING, IMAGINATION, FRIENDSHIP and the importance of SUPPORTING one another and BELIEVING in yourself.

Yet another year of challenges and bumps along the road, our Year Six students have faced each with hope, courage and persistence. They were then proving to themselves that they are risk-takers, full of imagination and are there to support each other through friendship with the highs and lows.

Our Year Six students are to be commended for their resilience and commitment to such a tight and gruelling schedule, as we attempted to change a live performance into a film in a short time. It was beautiful to see them all rising to the challenge, supporting each other, believing in themselves and blossoming into such fantastic performers and artists.

A special thank you goes to our Art Director Jacqui Stocker, Director of Photography Andrew Hicks and Singing Director Sarah Thomas for their creative genius, countless hours of work and unwavering dedication to making this filmed production possible. In a year of uncertainty and constant changes, we stayed on course and determined that the show must go on! In the wise words of the Scientist from one of our stories, “Persistence is Key”, which is what we did. Now “Push the button, Max!” and let’s get this show on the road. We hope you enjoy the show as we present “THE HIDDEN TALES OF HUNTER INKWELL”.