The Cocoon Classroom Agreement

​The Cocoon group acknowledge that we work and play on Boonwurrung, Bunurong Country. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, skies, and waterways, and we pay our respects to the Elders, past and present, and all First Nations Peoples. We thank Bundjil for looking after the Bubups (children).

“It means only take what you need.” Tom

“Respect.” Mila

“Give back to the land.” Elle

As we inquired into the question “Who is Bundjil?” the children identified the Woodleigh leaf as a symbol of respect. They took this knowledge and extended it further by making connections to their understanding of Respect and Bundjil’s laws.

Bundjil also means respect.” Amelie

“And we respect.” Indiana

This connection has enabled the children to explore the concept of respect and consider how we can use it to ensure we have happy days together in the Cocoon.

“It means sharing.” Amelie

“Love. Show love.” Indiana

“Care.” Arlo

“Respect the elders.” Elijah

“Respect is putting away.” Oscar

We hope you enjoy our creative pictures and clay designs. The children were presented with a range of loose parts and offered the time to explore different materials and ways of representing their thoughts.

“Bundjil has really big wings.” Luca

“He has a lot of feathers.” Noah

“Birds need to drink. I am doing a waterhole” Walter.

“We see lots of Waa birds here” Walter

“I found a Woodleigh leaf for Bundjil.” Aaren

“Bundjil is an eagle. He lives in a tree.” Seb

“Let’s make him a tree to live in.” Mila

“There is a Bundjil nest here you know.” Noah

“Where?” Tom

“I have seen Bundjil flying in Mount Eliza once you know.” Tom

“This is the land and Bundjil and the people on the land.”

Rachelle provoked the children to deepen their thinking further by asking

“If we don’t have pencils, paints, clay and paper what else could we make Bundjil with?”.

“Leaves and sticks” Oscar

“Maybe bark” Tom

“Lots of things” Amelie

“Could we try make a Bundjil from nature at the Reserve today?” Rachelle

“Yes” Frankie

Our circle of friend’s song is a reminder about how we can care for one another, and it includes words from our agreement including:

“Show everyone some love,”

“Care and share together.”

“Sharing is caring” Noah

“Offer a hug. Don’t grab” Frankie

Our classroom agreement is a living document, throughout this year, we will continue to refer to it during our conversations and morning meeting. As interests and challenges arise, we will draw on the ideas and rules already developed, and add more reflections to support the children’s social thinking.