Adelaide Arts Camp

The Adelaide Arts camp was an amazing experience, thanks to the phenomenal performances we were able to see. There was a vast range; from street performers sword swallowing and riding unicycles, to Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ incredible, from an auditory point-of-view but also visually captivating with the onstage contemporary dance and dramatic performance. My favourite performance was “The Doctor”, an outstanding UK production tackling the ethics of what should be protected, the soul or the body among other modern medical issues we face today. This performance was captivating at all times, with incredibly strong actors and a simple, yet effective set.

On the Adelaide Arts Camp, I really appreciated the cultural diversity of productions including; ‘Cirque Africa,’ celebrating unity and relationships and ‘Black Velvet,’ a story about connections forming due to the merging of differences to create strong relationships. 

Contemporary music was incorporated too, with ‘Bungal’ being a glimpse into the beautiful world of indigenous Australians. It explored the importance of land and reconciliation as the performance included an orchestra as well as footage from the actual land and live dancing. ‘Yabarra – Dreaming In Light’ was a fun and interactive walkthrough telling the story of the traditional owners of the land Adelaide is built on. It told their story of the creation of the Milky-Way. Later we saw ‘A Midsummer Livestream’ a hilariously relatable performance modernizing Shakespeare’s classic comedy. 

Although we saw many great performances, we had the chance to get hands-on and creative at the Art Gallery of South Australia where after seeing moving works of art, we made our own mini monsters. We got to experience some of Bollywood too, learning the classics at the ‘Belly Dance Arabesque’ studio, with the jingling dancing hip scarves being a fun addition to the activity.

This camp week was not only a lot of fun but posed many questions of ethics. It illustrated how The Arts are confronting. It allowed us to explore different forms of art and performance. It showed The Arts’ role of bringing people together and having them feel or rethink ideas.

Year 12