Following the opening of three new Homestead spaces at Woodleigh Campus last year, the students and teachers in Years 4-6 at Penbank Campus have started Term 1 by moving into their new Homestead building and making it their home.

The Penbank Homestead, much like those at our Minimbah and Woodleigh Campuses, comprises classroom, shared and social spaces to promote cross-age learning opportunities and interactions. Sitting within Penbank’s beautiful natural environment, the Homestead continues the design philosophy of the existing teaching and learning spaces. These follow the Reggio Emilia practice where learning environments join parents and teachers as a third teacher, to provide the space, tools and resources to promote rich learning opportunities.

Designing the Homestead this way supports and enables our dedicated, expert teaching staff to develop self-directed and co-operative activities that cater to a variety of learning situations and styles. Personalised, flexible programs give space for students to find talents and areas of interest which work to establish and drive a love of learning and enquiry. State-of-the-art teaching technologies and a full range of specialist, extension and support programs complete a school experience which sees students approach the transition to secondary schooling at our Woodleigh Campus with confidence and excitement.