Literature Loving in the Library

As we come to the end of a very full term, our Library has provided Minimbah students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of literature.

Foundation, Year One and Year Two have enjoyed retelling stories through puppet play as we explored the theme of Book Week 2022 Dreaming with Eyes Open. Sharing well-known favourites The Gruffalo, Where the Wild Things Are and appropriately, The Little Mermaid, children have had great fun being the star of the library show.

Year Three have been fabulous assistants in the organisation of the Book Fair to be held in Week 8. They worked hard to create posters that reflected the Book Week theme and assisted in promoting the event to the school community. Thank you for all of your help!

Year Four spent some time linking in with their unit of inquiry, creating pop art-inspired posters of significant people in the First Nations and Torres Strait Islander community. Using a range of research skills, students learned about the language group these icons had originated from, drew portraits, discovering why they are significant to the community.

Year Five have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Yahoo Creek – An Australian Mystery by Tohby Riddle. Linking into their unit of work about authentic evidence, students chose their own investigation to pursue about the Mystery of the Yahoo. Could it really be real?

One group spent a great deal of time looking at the timeline of articles from colonial times that was presented as evidence in the book. They noted that in the story, the evidence was shared out of chronological order. Students wondered what would happen to the perspective of the Yahoo if the articles were put in order? They set to work, making some interesting discoveries such as:

· The sightings of the Yahoo dropped off when search parties were sent out

· The evidence of the description of the Yahoo evolves over time

· From 1847 to 1877 the newspapers were gathering information on the Yahoo

· From 1877 to 1882 the newspaper portrayed the Yahoo in a positive light

· From 1882 to current day, the Yahoo is seen in more of a negative light

This story, bought about ongoing discussions about the use of authentic evidence and how evidence can contribute to the perspective of a story. Well done on a successful investigation Year Five.

Whilst the Year Six students have been in full swing with production, many Buddy Books have come to life. Using digital design programs such as Canva and Art Range, the illustrations are on the way to completing the process and I look forward to sharing some snippets of them in our next update.

We finish off Term 3 with our Book Fair, this is a fundraising event that supports literature for our school but also less fortunate schools in our local community. Year Six students will spend some time at the end of the term making purchases with the money raised. Thank you for supporting a fabulous event.

Finally, Book Week is coming in Week 2 of Term 4 and we cannot wait! We have some fabulous incursions lined up with authors Danielle Binks and Patrick Guest as well as a puppet performance where we can all Dream with Eyes Open. We'd encourage all families to start thinking about and perhaps even creating their costumes over the school holidays!

Teacher Librarian