Term 2 in the Library

Term 2 has been another busy term in the library. Foundation to Year 2 students have embraced our Non-Fiction collection, learning about the features of Non-Fiction texts whilst learning weird and wonderful facts!

‘Non-Fiction tells us the truth’ Jordyn, Foundation

‘Non-Fiction books are full of facts’ Ned, Foundation

‘If the book has something made up in it, then it can’t be Non-Fiction. All Non- Fiction books must have real information’ Jack B, Year 1

‘The get the information for the Non-Fiction books by watching and observing things’ Lara, Year 1.

Our Year Three and Four students have enjoyed learning about deadly inventions from the First Scientists exploring a book by Corey Tutt. They have had fun creating bark canoes in the courtyard like the first engineers of our country and recently have sharpened their research skills whilst learning about bush medicine. We are looking forward to a day with Lionel in week 7 where he will share more knowledge on Indigenous plants found on the school grounds and ways they can be used in the modern world.

In Year Five, students have been working with a fantastic picture book, The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Michael Speechly. This story links in with their current unit of inquiry centred around businesses and follows a young boy who simply must have a new shiny object, only to realise the advertising tricked him and the object is rather useless. They have been working hard to create a prototype of their own useless object and are currently creating an advertisement of choice as they try and persuade their peers to want their object.

Year Six students have embarked on their annual Buddy Books – where they write and illustrate a picture book for their Foundation buddy. This year, we are engaging with a course run by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo. As we go along the journey with her, the Year 6 students are beginning to draw inspiration and form ideas for their stories. This is an activity many of our students have been looking forward to and I’m excited to see the final product!

And of course, Library wouldn’t be library without some whole school celebrations. Last week we celebrated IDAHOBIT Day, as we shared in stories about inclusion, acceptance, and the power of being yourself. Students created coloured hands that represented themselves and engaged in thoughtful and interesting discussions around gender stereotypes often found in books. Our Y6 students had fun looking at how the iconic character, Bluey, challenges those gender stereotypes and enjoyed making cartoon characters of their own.

I look forward to sharing more news from the library with you in Term 3.