To ensure the safest return for our students, Driver Bus Lines with Woodleigh School have developed a safe travelling policy.

  1. Students must follow the following protocols when travelling on school contract buses. 
  2. Strict health guidelines: do not travel if you display any symptoms or feel unwell.
  3. Students from Year 7 onwards will be required to wear masks correctly (the mask must cover both the nose and mouth) and not removed.
  4. Students are to distance if possible on the bus. ie: if the bus is half full, students spread out and not sit next to each other.
  5. Where possible students to apply social distancing and avoiding close contact. 
  6. Where possible students carry personal sanitiser and sanitise hands before boarding vehicles. Sanitiser will also be placed around the school.
  7. Social distancing at bus stops to be maintained as far as possible.
  8. No food or drinks to be consumed on vehicles. No Litter to be left on vehicles. 
  9. Students will not be able to sit in the front row of seats closest to the Bus Driver (these will be taped off and not used)