Staffing News

Time for an update on staffing for 2020!

Let’s start at the Early Childhood Centre. I am very pleased to let you know that Mrs Lisa Coxon has been assigned to a more comprehensive cross-campus role and has been appointed to the position of Head of Early Childhood. She will act as a mentor for staff and lead the pedagogical programs across the Early Childhood Centres at the Penbank and Minimbah Campuses. This is a significant leadership role for Lisa and one I know she will relish. Lisa will continue to have a strong presence in both our 4yo and 3yo Programs here at the Minimbah Campus. Mrs Emma Streader will return from maternity leave to be the teacher of the 4yo group and Mrs Rachelle Stewart has been appointed as the teacher of our 3yo group. Congratulations to Lisa, Emma and Rachelle on these appointments.

As previously announced, our current Librarian, Mrs Maree Chynoweth, will be leaving us after nine years of dedication to the Minimbah Library. Mrs Briony Wright has been appointed to the role for 2020. Mrs Donna Davies will leave us at the end of the year. Donna has been covering the maternity leave of Ms Anita Harris. I know she has loved working with the children in the Art Studio and inspiring their creativity. Our current Year 3 teacher, Mr Jonathan Crouch, will also leave us at the end of the year to return to his previous school. He will be greatly missed by the students who have loved his warmth and fun in the classroom. I also thank Mrs Kate Marino who has assisted in the Kitchen Garden Program this year.

After 17 years as our Dance Teacher, Mrs Jodie Dunphy will leave us to take up a new role as a teacher of Indonesian at Dromana Secondary College. Jodie is currently taking long service leave, but I hope she will be back towards the end of the year, so the children and families can farewell her. Her Dance Program is always a highlight of the week’s schedule; alive with fun and energy. She too will be greatly missed by all. Ms Serena Wong, who has been covering the role this year will continue in 2020 as our Dance Teacher. 

Following the announcement that Mr Anthony Bingham has been appointed to the Director of Music for the whole school, I have appointed Miss Isabelle Schneider to the role of Classroom Music Teacher. Isabelle comes to us from Wesley College where she has taught Music in the primary years at the St Kilda Road Campus and more recently at the school’s Studio School at Yiramalay, the Kimberly Campus in Western Australia. Isabelle is a passionate Music Teacher and believes in developing the whole student by finding and refining their strengths to enable them to become adaptable and resilient community members and life-long learners.

To the Classroom Team, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr James Clapham. James comes to us from St Kilda Primary School where he has worked across all levels in the primary school, as a Learning Specialist (Literacy) and he has spent several years teaching in and leading teams in the early years, finding great joy nurturing children through their first years of school. He is a passionate advocate for progressive education. He believes in educating the head, the heart and the hands and ensuring that the education we provide our children reflects the world they live in now and the future that they will inhabit. James will be joining us on Orientation Day, and I look forward to welcoming him to the team for 2020.