Spoon-making and ceramics on Northern Rivers Camp

In week 6, I went on Senior Homestead Camp. I had gone on the Northern Rivers camp. We arrived on the first day to the Suffolk Holiday Park near Byron Bay. Once we all got settled in, we went to the local RSL for dinner where we all had chicken parmas, pasta, and more.

The next day we were split into two groups, groups A and B. I was in group B. Group A went and did sketching, then spoon-making. My group went to ceramics where we learned how to make mugs, using a hand pinch method. It was very therapeutic for everyone. We all made jokes and showed our mugs off to each other excitedly. Some people made tall mugs, other made short mugs with handles long and tall. And I made a watering can inspired mug with a spout and all, which was quite different from everyone else’s. We then got to make another mug or vase/jewellery holder of our choosing. Many people made jewellery holders and I once again made something inspired by real life, I made a Lilypad box that could store my knick-knacks.

The following day was a long one, but it was quite enjoyable. My group did spoon-making while the other group did ceramics. The spoon-making was a very fun activity with some people even saying they could do this for a living. We learned techniques of how to cut the wood and not nick our thumbs, but that warning wasn’t enough as some of us still did. We learned about the different chisels and their uses, and different wood that could be used. In the end, we were successful in our spoon-making. We whittled the handle in different ways and now we have our very own spoon.

Life at the caravan park was very eventful as a school group. The girls stayed in massive safari tents with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom; a glampers dream. The teachers also stayed in safari tents and other accommodation. I got to stay in a 1950s caravan that had a teal and white colour scheme as I was the only boy in my camp.

Everyone was very accommodating, and we all looked out for each other and talked to people who we necessarily wouldn’t have before. On our final day, we did weaving with raffia which was very easy for some and others, like me, not so much. We all had a good crack at it and had lots of fun. When we got to personalise them with different colours to add a personal touch. Then we said our goodbyes, and already started to reminisce about our time in Byron Bay.

This camp was the first camp I had been away on, and it really forced everyone to push themselves creatively but also personally with friendships and making everyone feel a part of a group who had already been lifelong friends.

Year 11