So Far Away – Theatre From Isolation

On Wednesday 17 June at 7:30 pm, Woodleigh School debuted 'Isolation Play,' 'So Far Away.'

Here's what some of the viewers thought:

“What a fabulous experience for all the students to be able to play a part in this unique production. How you managed to direct such a vast array of interactions, and then gel them together into the completed piece, is beyond me and certainly is a testament to your commitment to our lucky, lucky kids! For the students to be able to say they have participated in creating this unique production whilst in isolation, through this period in time, will be something they can be so proud of. Thank you, thank you for developing such amazing and valuable experiences and opportunities for our children. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and are a huge part of the reason that Woodleigh rocks!”  
Tamsin Ong and Ged Penna 

"Wonderful! So many laugh-out-loud bits and so many of those little life ‘truths’ like the nailed-it cake, Nana and tech, the BUT I DID PUT IN THE CORRECT PASSWORD! FOUR TIMES!... (stoopid laptop) and the jigsaw piece thief.  Seeing someone else has the same little issues helps me feel a bit less, so far away.

I loved how you Brady Bunched the Zoom grid view shots and I particularly loved how no Maths teachers were harmed in the filming. Congratulations to everyone involved."  
Jett Prout

"Congratulations on last night's performance. As a former Woodleigh staff member it was a delight to watch you all creating and collaborating in what was an engaging and insightful piece of theatre. 

It is wonderful that you all are putting something constructive into the world at a time of significant challenge for so many. Congratulations again on making a new meaning of performance in a different format and facilitating an experience that is unique and purposeful at a time of unfamiliar unknowns."  
Sophie Lea

"We laughed and smiled and ‘awww’ed our way through the whole thing. The ferrets were my favourite bit – although James getting annoyed at his own drum-dramatics was brilliant, too. So good. Thank you for giving us this very special record of such a strange time."  

"Well done.  I thought the concept was really interesting as well as being technically challenging. I do not think many people realise how much work goes into making this form of creative art. Ideas are easy, it is the development - at a distance- that must have occupied so much of everyone's time. 

I liked the opening music, especially the xylophone, it had a catchy upbeat feel. Perhaps what I liked most was not knowing what was coming next. I liked the idea that the contributions covered 'everything', including toilet rolls… It was rather like a jig saw (yes, I liked that one as well!) building up a picture of lockdown as it provided a range of perspectives. Overall I found the production both funny and thoughtful. 

By participating in this production, I am certain the students will have gained a greater insight into drama and into their own artistic development. A real group learning experience against a uniquely difficult time. In short, a little bit of Covid history showcasing the talent of youth. I am sure that once everyone gets back together this production will generate lots of new ideas, and that is what makes drama and learning so exciting."  
Kevin O (from the UK)

Haven't seen it yet?! Get comfy and check it out.