Snowsports Race Team

Image: the Woodleigh Snow Ski Race Team in front of the RAN- Navy Ski Club

We got up to Mt Buller on Sunday afternoon, luckily it had just snowed the week before. The conditions were alright each day and we had race training from 9 to 1, which was fun with our instructors.

For training we practised going through flags because most of us were doing interschools racing the next week, but also learned to do a few cool tricks and overall learnt better technique. Luckily there were few injuries apart from Seb when he fell over doing a boardslide down a round rail and hurt his rib and ended up in the medical centre. He ended up being ok though. 

Thursday was the best with sun out and there were clear skies – the snow was pretty good too, but the coverage wasn’t the best. Tuesday night we went to the Buller Air Zone which had trampolines, air bag, rock climbing and an obstacle course. Wednesday night we went out for dinner to the Popo Kitchen and then Thursday night we went out to the movies to see Lion King. If you aren’t sure on which camp to go on and are decent on skis or a board, I would really recommend this camp.

Van Garnham
Year 7


  • Georgia Jones, Ned Murdoch, Harrison Carter and Finn Loader skiing in a lesson on the Summit.
  • Ned Murdoch practising his starts.
  • Archer Morcom snowboard jumping.
  • Lenny Leufgens, Harrison Carter, Ned Murdoch and Hannah Jones during a skiing lesson.
  • First ski run of the day: ‘A drop down Standard Run’ - Van Garnham with “thumbs up”, Clea White in pink, Rhett Clark on left, Jacomo Dwyer-Morris on the right.