School Transport Conveyance Allowance - Term 2, 2023

​ The Conveyance Allowance only applies to students attending Senior Campus and students attending Penbank Campus. These families are eligible to receive help with the cost of transporting their children to their nearest school or campus. The allowance is a contribution towards transport costs, and is not intended to cover the full cost. It is available to students travelling by public transport, private car or private bus.

The Victorian Minister for Education has amended the definition of the closest appropriate school / campus (Instrument of Specification). This may impact some of our families who have been unable to make a claim in the past, or were deemed ineligible.

Woodleigh School and Bayside Christian College are registered the same and classified as same-type schools. Therefore, previously if you lived closer to Bayside Christian College you would have been deemed ineligible to receive the conveyance allowance. However, parents can now apply for consideration by providing a “signed letter” to the school stating why the closest school of the same denomination is not appropriate for their child. You must include your child’s name and demonstrate the below points:

The student does not belong to, or associate with, the school’s particular religion, or engage in religious activity associated with the school’s religious doctrines; and

The relevant school compulsorily requires its students to engage in religious activity associated with that religion or religious doctrines.

The Department of Education and Training will review individual applications on their merits. Please note that you must still meet the main criteria listed below.

Completed conveyance application forms must be signed by the parent or guardian (page 4) and be submitted to the School no later than Friday 19 May. If you have previously submitted a form and there is no change to mode of transport or address details, you are not required to complete a new form for 2023.

New forms must be completed for students attending the School for the first time, or existing conveyance allowance claimants who have a change of circumstances affecting eligibility. For example:

  • Moving residence or changing their mode of transport;
  • Changing schools / campuses, ie/ Penbank Campus to Woodleigh Campus
  • The Department of Education and Training’s main criteria for student eligibility is:
  • The School attended is the nearest appropriate school (or attach supporting letter, as above)
  • The student resides more than 4.8 km from the school by the shortest practicable route.
  • Students are of school age 5 – 18 years and enrolled at school for 3 or more days per week.

To apply for a conveyance allowance, parents are required to complete the appropriate forms:

Travel by contract bus: Conveyance Allowance Application – Private Bus Travel

Travel by myki bus: Conveyance Allowance Application – Public Transport Travel. Must provide proof of purchase ie/ copy of receipt or ticket.

Travel by car: Conveyance Allowance Application – Private Car Travel will need to be completed for each student, listing all students travelling in the nominated vehicle.

Combined travel: Each appropriate form will need to be completed as above, e.g. drive further than 4.8km to catch public transport (Private Car/Public Transport).

Please note for Woodleigh Campus families: If you live within 4.8km of public transport (ie/ one of our myki buses) and choose to travel by private bus or car, you will not be eligible to claim the conveyance allowance.

Lodgment of Applications

The School will lodge 4 claims a year (1 per Term) with the Department of Education and Training. The Department will reimburse the school and the allowance will be credited to your fee account in installments. Completed applications need to be received by Friday 19 May, 2023 to be included in the Term 2 claim.

Contract Bus Reimbursement is determined on the basis of the shortest practicable route from the student’s residence to the school, and not the actual distance travelled in the bus.

Public Transport The cost of fares will be fully refunded.

Private Car Reimbursement is made on the basis of the one-way distance travelled per vehicle and the number of students in that vehicle. Payment is made to the family operating the vehicle.

If you have any queries please contact Robyn Kent on 5971 6100 or email

Bus Co-ordinator