ReimaginED – curated by the Woodleigh Institute

Woodleigh School has been taking the lead in 'Reimagining the educational pathway for Senior Secondary students. On the Saturday before Camp Week, we created an opportunity for educators from government and private sectors to come together to reimagine a better way. This session involved over 80 participants in a generative dialogue punctuated by provocations from a range of local and international guest experts who gave their time and expertise to be a part of this exciting forward-thinking discussion. 

The beauty of this initiative was in the fact that it moved the group of educators, entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders into a space that was non-competitive, and the dialogue was set up in such a way that all people involved had a voice and opportunity to contribute to the future direction. We look forward to this being the start of real system change which will result in not just a tweaking of the system but rather a Reimagining of what education can and should be to best prepare our students for the future.

I am grateful to a number of staff who played a key role in developing this day; Richard Owens, Lance Pilgrim, David Burton, Laura Maasburg, Lauren Green, Adam Liddiard, Lachie Waite, Kristen Guthrie, Brett Standham and Cameron Blew. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Bianca Julicher, Bonnie Daniello, Grace Learmonth and Remi Chynoweth for running their student enterprise projects on the day, which gave us all a real insight into what is possible from our creative kids when given the opportunity to follow a passion.

I invite you to view the video which offers a window into the day. 

Jonathan Walter