Recovering Long Overdue Library Items

Dear Parents,

Whilst the last two years have been less than ideal, it is now time to start sorting out some of the overdue items that have accumulated over that time.

To give you some background about the processes we undertake prior to requesting a replacement cost through family accounts:

  • Students receive at least three automated reminders about books that are overdue – an email on the first day that the item is overdue, a second email 14 days later, and a third and final reminder 14 days after that.
  • In addition to these automated emails, the library has sent out specific, targeted reminders during 2020 and 2021 and early in 2022.

Items that are placed on to family accounts as a replacement cost are very, very overdue. Although many students have only one or two items, the total cost of replacing these items is almost $7,500 – a significant sum, I am sure you will agree.

Head of Library Services