RACV Energy Breakthrough – Woodleigh Winners!

WINNERS AGAIN! Woodleigh's Senior HPV Team 'A Little 2 Aero' rode a new race distance record of 978.88kms to win the RACV Energy Breakthrough for the second year in a row!

After a year with mixed results and bad luck (absent students, illness, injuries and race-ending crashes), the Woodleigh HPV teams headed to Maryborough last Thursday morning as defending champions.

Their team managers, Jono Keane and Tom Angelico, had done a remarkable job to prepare the vehicles and students.

A Little 2 Aero (LtoR) Alex Wardrop, Will Allchin,Ben Rawlings, Luke Myatt, Tim Mauerhofer, Dom Angelico and Lachlan Evenden.

Asphalt Melter(LtoR) Jazzy Evenden,Alexei Guy-Toogood,Max Vorbach, Oakley Davis, Dylan Dowden, Oscar Landman and Michael Hobbs.

The senior team, in their vehicle “A Little 2 Aero”, were not optimistic as they hadn’t managed to win an event this year, and were up against some very strong competition compared to last year.

The vehicle was only completed on Tuesday evening and early testing seemed good.

The event was held on a new, extended, smoother track this year, which suited our vehicle well. Presentations and scrutineering went well on Friday, and the evening practice session also went well putting us in 2nd place on the starting grid.

The initial six hours saw a lot of lead changes as teams pitted and changed riders every 45-60 minutes in the 30 degrees plus heat (over 40 degrees in the vehicle!).

Slowly but surely, however, we managed to creep ahead till we had an eight-lap lead by midnight, and were on track to reach 1000 km!

At one stage during the night the lead was pegged back to less than a lap, but we again pulled away around dawn to successfully defend our title, going on to win by 10 laps in a new event record distance of 978.88 km.

The title has not been successfully defended since 2006.

Lachlan Evenden also set the race lap record of 2.08 minutes in a late burst “hot lap” 20 minutes before the end of the race. (The next fastest time was 2.12 minutes.)

The team also won the Design and Construction category, to give them the overall title. (The race only counts towards 50%.)

Our junior team, in “Asphalt Melter”, were also very competitive, finishing in the top 25 out of the entire field of around 140 vehicles.

Congratulations to both teams!

Alphonse Landman
Science and Technology Teacher

Check out the video put together by Ben Rawlings!