As a learning community we value the attributes that make us life-long learners, such as curiosity, critical thinking and reflection.

We seek to live these attributes as adults as much as we desire them for our students. This was evident as the term began when all our teaching staff immersed themselves as learners through our two-day IB sessions which were facilitated by IB workshop leaders who came from international schools in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Throughout the two days, we had the opportunity to build our understanding of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) through the expertise of our workshop leaders, as well as by connecting with teachers from other PYP schools around the world, engaging with literature and research about learning, and through collaboration with colleagues across both of the junior campuses. We were able to make strong connections between the core elements of Woodleigh’s Personalised Learning model and the PYP, while extending our thinking about learning and teaching. It is a privilege to work in a community that is so enthusiastic about learning and being the best educators we can be for our learners.

The workshop was an important part of the programme implementation at the school. Staff development sessions were also a feature of professional learning meetings during Semester 1. The focus areas for these earlier sessions included exploring the essential elements of the PYP,  collaborative planning, professional reading and research. We have also been working with a consultant from the IB who will come and spend two days in the school later this term to work with school leadership and teachers.

In order to help build understanding of the PYP in the whole community, we will be holding an information session for parents on Tuesday 6 August at 7pm at the Penbank Campus. During this session we will explore the connections between the philosophy of the PYP and Woodleigh, as well as the plan for implementation.

Jodie Kirchner
PYP Coordinator