Progress International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme candidate school

The IB MYP is an internationally accredited framework and network for learning that shares best practice for students in the middle years of schooling. ​The focus on developing the whole person, encouraging international mindedness and placing the student at the centre of the learning aligns closely with ​Woodleigh’s 'Five Elements for Teaching and Learning'.

Last year, teachers undertook professional learning from the IB, whilst this year their focus is on creating MYP Units in Years 7-9. Teachers will do this collaboratively to provide the best possible curriculum for our students.

Students will be introduced to language that supports reflective thinking about their learning as well as increasingly develop the attributes that make a great learner.

Central to the IB MYP and the Woodleigh teaching and learning philosophy is the notion that students learn best in authentic, real world settings. Year 8 students will take part in the 'Courage Creates Change' project, which is being developed to align more closely with the MYP Community Project. This year students will be assessed on these projects. Students in the Middle Years will also experience interdisciplinary learning. Through this process they are encouraged to explore key concepts across a range of subjects.

As part of our MYP implementation this year we will commence a review of our reporting assessment model. We will be seeking feedback from a range of stakeholders as part of this process.

As an IB candidate school, we work closely with a consultant from the IB Organisation and will work towards authorisation in 2022.

Further information can be found here about the Woodleigh School IB MYP Program

Head of Learning – Years 7-9/MYP Coordinator – Senior Campus