Prep - Year 2 Group News

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you all managed to have some quiet and relaxing family time over the holidays, despite all of the craziness going on around us.

We have had lovely times at home over the break. Olivia took long walks with her dog Barney and family, as well as enjoying the quiet demands of completing two 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Cath enjoyed some time with Simon and her children, playing games and going for long walks on the beach each day. Britt thought it was the perfect time to add another dog to her family and got a rescue dog named Manuka Honey, which meant lots of dog walks! Heather put the runners on and had some lovely nature walks around Mount Martha. She even ran into Jenny and Tracey on a couple of occasions.


Prep finished off our last unit of inquiry, 'Who We Are' with the central idea. 'Exploring personal identities helps us to understand and build relationships with others.' This unit helped the children to understand the social and emotional concepts that build self-esteem, friendships and a sense of belonging in our classroom community. The children thought about their safe places out in the Penbank playground and chose a place to become their 'Prep Friendship Bench Seat.' We started to make a collaborative beaded sculpture, but we've put this on hold until we're back at school together. Instead, to finish off this unit, the children became illustrators and contributed to our digital Prep Friendship Book about what it means to be a good friend. After lots of scrolling... you can find this on Seesaw.

This term, our unit of inquiry is 'How the World Works.' Our central idea for this unit is 'Living things adapt and grow.' We will start to unpack this with lines of inquiry into the needs of living things, adaptations of living things, and how we can learn about living things. 

It's a perfect unit to begin the term given we are all at home as it allows for opportunities and experiences to explore our natural environment. There will be lots of researching skills where the children are gathering, recording, observing, comparing, and predicting. 

This unit of inquiry links into 2D shapes, counting for Maths, and non-fiction texts and features for English. We will continue to encourage children to use learned phonograms to help them build and decode words, helping them further their reading.

We look forward to seeing where the children take this unit of inquiry. 

Year 1 

Last week the Year 1's revisited their previous unit of inquiry, 'How We Organise Ourselves,' to help think about the best ways to create our spaces at home. Students used their understanding of the importance of rules and systems to help organise spaces and applied this to setting up productive working areas at home. 

We will now continue to work on our current unit of inquiry, 'Who We Are,' and explore the central idea that 'Beliefs and values in families help us understand and make connections to people.' We have already inquired into the diversity of families, and we will now start exploring students' understanding of beliefs and values before moving into thinking about how they are unique to our families. 

A key concept in this unit of inquiry is the idea of connection. We are going to spend time looking at how our beliefs and values affect how we connect. You might like to start talking to your children about the ideas and values you hold important to your family, such as kindness, empathy, etc. 

Our key concepts are connection, form, and perspective. We will link these to our units of English with narrative stories and letters as a way of connecting with others, and to Maths through our exploration of place value, addition and subtraction, and measurement. 

Year 2

As we return to school this term, the Year 2 children have revisited their Unit of Inquiry, 'Where we are in place and Time.' Our central idea for this unit is to continue exploring how 'Peoples' daily life is connected to the place in which they live.'

What an exciting notion to unravel as our lives are very different this term. To begin with, we will explore which places our students are missing the most. For some it will be school, for others it may be their Grandparents house or the local park down the road. Whatever place it is, we're getting children to think deeply about why they miss it. Is it the sound, the people, or even the smells? It could be a number of things. Talk to your children about this to help deepen their understanding. We will then explore the differences and similarities between ourselves and others and how they live throughout the world.

Through this Inquiry, we will be exploring informative texts, learning about its features, then making our own booklet, video, or audio file. We're also exploring the concept of place value. The children have been invited to participate in a variety of talks that have been posted on Seesaw. The information that's been created will be collated and will inform their learning needs throughout the term. 

Take care, everyone!

We realise that there are many challenges in balancing the online learning program with other things that may be happening at home. Please know that we are here to help. We know it will be different for everyone and different each day. Just do the best you can with your children and have fun with the learning; however, it looks. Our main priority is yours and your student's wellbeing, so be kind to yourselves with what you can make work! 

The Prep to Year 2 Team xx