Prep-Year 2 Groups News


The Preps have completed their first term of Prep at Penbank and should be feeling very proud of themselves. It's been an excellent start to the year! The children have all developed a great sense of independence, belonging, confidence, new friendships with a term full of growth. 

We have explored relationships, belonging, identity, rights, responsibilities, similarities, differences, and emotions during Inquiry times. The Preps have written and illustrated their friendship book, which they titled "Friends Forever." We'd love to share it with you all soon. Here are some thoughts from the Preps about what makes each of them special and unique in their way. 

"I am special and unique because I help the planet." Aria 

"I am special and unique because I am very hilarious." Angus

"I am special and unique because I help my friends." Annie

"I am special and unique because I have pink nails" Ellie

"I am special and unique because my family is fun!" Etta

"I am special and unique because I have a nice voice." Harrison

"I am special and unique because I have long hair." Ilka

"I am special and unique because …" Kintah 

"I am special and unique because I have two different ways of speaking." Kit

"I am special and unique because I don't have a brother, sister, or twin. There's just me!" Leon 

"I am special and unique because everyone likes doing walks but I, don't." Lenny 

"I am special and unique because I am good at running." Lewis

"I am special and unique because I am kind to people." Luke 

"I am special and unique because I have a big heart." Matilda

"I am special and unique because I always try to be kind." Oliver 

"I am special and unique because I have one blue and one green eye." Percy 

"I am special and unique because I have nice long hair." Scarlett

"I am special and unique because I love snails." Sophie

"I am special and unique because I am different from other children." Thea

"I am special and unique because I am very fast!" Thomas

"I am special and unique because I like myself." Walter

"I am special and unique because I have lovely long and curly hair." Zoe

"I am special and unique because I can run fast." Zach

During English, we have been busy learning new phonograms and their sounds. The Preps have become experts at bringing their reader satchels to and from school each day with their 'Read to Me' books. Thank you for supporting the take-home reading program and fostering a love of reading. We are so close to knowing the alphabet and will finish it off in Week 1 next term, ready for the decodable readers to come home in Week 2 next term. Stay tuned! 

During Maths, our focus has been on numbers. We have worked on our ability to count forwards and backward and use numerals to represent quantities. We have also spent a lot of time writing numerals, using the correct formation to record our Maths thinking. We have collected data on our Prep friends to find out more about each other. Another big focus has been measuring time, exploring days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. 

It's time for a well-earned rest! Thank you to all the Prep parents for making the transition to school such a positive experience and a happy start! I hope you have a lovely break with lots of rest and family time! 


Year 1

To finish off our Inquiry this term, the Year 1 children have been exploring Penbank's systems. We have investigated the different parts of a system and how they all work together by creating marble and domino runs. We have been inquiring about the systems we might see in our community and their role in providing safety, organisation, and order. Our Central Idea of 'Communities develop systems and services to function effectively' will see us also looking into our community's different services next term. We hope to wrap up this Unit of Inquiry with an excursion to Mornington to experience first-hand some systems and services that help us (e.g., Police Station, Town Planning, Retail Shops, maybe even a Supermarket). We will let you know once this is confirmed.

In English, we have focused on exploring the elements of a narrative, discovering characters, settings, and the story's sequence (beginning, middle, and end). We are also still practicing our handwriting, phonograms, and reading daily. Thank you for all the fantastic feedback and dedication you have shown your children when they've been reading at home. It is such a valuable resource for your child/ren – something we can't emphasise enough.

Maths has seen us continue to practice gaining fluency in understanding place value and the base ten systems when working with numbers. We have also spent time focusing on 2D and 3D shapes, exploring the different attributes of forms, and identifying and classifying shapes according to these features.   

We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, and for those of you who celebrate Easter, a very Happy Easter to you all. We look forward to seeing you back in Term 2 for a productive, engaging, and fun term ahead.


Year 2  

The Year 2s have begun their new Unit of Inquiry – 'Where we are in place and time'. Our central idea, 'People's daily life is connected to the place in which they live,' was undoubtedly highlighted on our recent excursion to the Dandenong Market. The children observed different languages, clothing, foods, and smells. This excursion assists us in launching our Lines of Inquiry:

  • Location and features of places
  • Connections between place and the way people live
  • How people create spaces for daily life in our community  

Perhaps when you're out and about on holidays, you may want to discuss the different places people live in throughout the world.  Discuss the location and features of those places. You may also like to chat about the connections between the people and the places they choose to live. The people who inhabit these places may have some strong links that resonate with the children and the discussions we've had in class.

On Seesaw, you will have noticed that I have been asking children to document their learning. It has been a great hit with the children who are keen to share their learning journey with you all. If you haven't yet logged on, please do so. You can download the app onto your phone to see what the children have been doing.

One of our big focuses in English this term has been on reading with FLUENCY. Repeating reading of short passages every day is a great way to promote fluency in children's reading. When children repeatedly read short passages every day, they begin to recognise words automatically and group them quickly to gain meaning. Please keep up the reading on the holidays as this will help them enormously.

In Maths, fluency is also essential. We often say you can't do maths unless you talk maths. But the quality of maths talk is critical. It is not simply children sharing how they did a particular calculation but describing why and how it worked. How their method is the same or different from those of others—in other words, giving children opportunities to use those higher-level skills of comparing, explaining, and justifying. One problem can be solved in multiple ways because maths does not consist of isolated rules but connected ideas. Solving a problem in more than one way reveals the ability to make connections between and among mathematical areas and topics.

Finally, we hope you all have a lovely break with your families, and we look forward to seeing you all next term.