Prep-Year 2 Group News

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support that enables our students to maintain their wellbeing and continue their learning through this challenging lockdown period

We continue to remain positive and can’t wait to return to onsite learning. We’ve had so many conversations with parents over the last few weeks, and the stories are all too familiar, disengagement, tears, moments of feeling down. Generally, with some positive words and love, students get up and get going again. Stick in there, try to remain as consistent as possible, develop a routine and listen. We can see this as an excellent opportunity to discuss resilience and sticking through tough times. You’re not alone. Most of us are working through it. We are here for a chat if you need us.

If students struggle with tasks or miss Zoom meetings, we will continue to reach out and keep you up to date. These offers of support are our way of helping you to ensure we are supporting both you and your child. Please take this opportunity to discuss with us how we can best help you. We always welcome feedback, so please let us know if there is more we can do to help.

Thankfully, Spring has finally started to emerge, and there is a slight smell of optimism in the air. With Fathers Day today, for our group news, we’ve decided to put together some videos of your children acknowledging their admiration and love for you, all of the men in their lives. Your children may not know how much hard work and effort you put in to make their lives so wonderful, but some of the reflections that the children have put together are just beautiful. We are all sending you all warm greetings, and fingers are crossed for a return to school soon. Happy Father’s Day.

The Prep, 1 & 2 Teachers