Prep-Year 2 Group News


The Preps were all so excited to be back together after our latest lockdown. Another timely reminder of the importance of human connection and interaction in the lives of our little ones. They have continued to prove their resilience and independence every day since returning to school.

As part of our inquiry this term, the Preps have started to think about roles and responsibilities, occupations, the different products people make and the services they provide to help their communities. We have been thinking about the diverse communities we each belong to and what it means to be part of a community whilst focusing on our communication skills. We’ve been thinking about how we interact with one another and how we can work collaboratively together whilst respecting the ideas and opinions of others.

This has been the perfect unit in returning to the classroom environment, as it allows for lots of uninterrupted play, something I know they all missed during their time in lockdown. Play is a powerful tool in helping children learn about the world and their place in it. Through play, they learn essential skills such as problem-solving, working with others, negotiating, compromising, and developing their oral language skills.

So, in Prep, we’ve been busy building, creating and making communities from a range of different chosen materials. We now have a ‘Lego City’, ‘Tokyo the City’ and the Olympic Village at the blocks, ‘Boxville’ at the outdoor blocks and ‘Craft World’ at the collage table!

Year 1

Year 1s have been exploring what it means to write a persuasive text for our writing this term. We started by learning the difference between facts and opinions and then explored how emotive language helps convince an audience of our opinion or belief. We have had some great debates in class, including whether pizza is better than fish and chips and if water is more important than food!

We are also enjoying our inquiry unit, Sharing the Planet, in which we have been using our newly acquired research skills to investigate facts about the earth’s resources, in particular water! The children are exploring the role of water in our lives and how we use this resource every day. We are examining our part in protecting the use and quality of water and what steps we can take to make sure we look after the water to get all ‘share’ this valuable resource.

Year 1s have also enjoyed spending time with both the Prep and Year 2 groups, solving different numeracy problems with various strategies. We’ve identified patterns, drawn pictures, acted out the problem, and even written number sentences to solve different problems. Did you know that a backyard with a mix of chickens and dogs with eight heads and 20 legs equals four dogs and two chickens? That was one example of our fun problem to solve!

Year 2

The Olympics have been a lovely reprieve for the Year 2’s from the dreaded lockdowns. It has injected a sense of fun and enjoyment into our class as ‘potatoes’ competed against each other upon returning to school. It was a worthwhile exercise for the maths involved with events such as the furthest roll, diving, velodrome (potato spinning) and gymnastics (balancing on three sticks). Measuring, counting, estimating, and capacity was present in these activities as the children balanced, rolled, dove and spun their potatoes through the exercises. All competitors had a lot of laughs, and although the competition was tight, everyone had a great time.

This activity was linked to our new Unit of Inquiry – ‘How we organise ourselves. The children saw how an event could be arranged for all to enjoy. This week we have begun to brainstorm events we could organise and host for the Preps and Year 1’s. The current lunchtime clubs organised by teachers have been a popular pastime so the children thought they could also organise their lunchtime clubs. Ideas such as Art/Craft club, Lego club, Cubby club and even a Clay club have been suggested. The children have asked the Year 1s and Prep for their ideas and will begin to organise their events in week 6 of this term.

We look forward to what they have planned.