Prep to Year 2 Group News

What an exciting term it has been! The children have all demonstrated in many ways how resilient and creative they can be, and once again, embraced online learning with increased focus and energy. We thank you for all that you have done to support your child during this time. The focus of Group News is to celebrate all that they have achieved during this time as we reflect on their learning for Term 3.


It's time to reflect on all the learning that has happened this term, with the Preps making considerable gains in their literacy and numeracy development and their newfound Zoom skills. They've explored different ways of communicating our ideas and thoughts through technology and have become expert communicators. 

As part of our unit of inquiry, the Preps have been exploring products and services created to meet a community's needs. They have done their imaginary play businesses at home, and it was beautiful to see the children take their places in the direction of their interests. Roleplay and dramatic play are an integral part of the Penbank learning experience, allowing children to develop social and emotional skills and speech and language skills. 

The Preps even became journalists as they interviewed Mums or Dads about their roles and responsibilities. This project required some adult assistance, so thank you, Prep parents, for your time and effort. The Preps loved sharing their interviews during our live sessions. 

This term, we have been celebrating the gains the Preps are making in their reading and writing. We recently started 'Reading Buddies,' and it's been wonderful to see and hear each child's progress. They've been having a go at independent writing and 'inventive' spelling using learned phonograms. 

In Maths, subtraction has been a big focus, and the Preps had a go at creating their own real-life subtraction stories with the 'Drawing Pad' app using 'take away' language. We solved the subtractions problems using materials and the countback strategy.  

Year 1 

Year 1s have completed a fantastic unit about Sharing The Planet, with a focus on natural resources. They have inquired into what natural resources are, why they are precious, and our impact on these resources' sustainability. As always, they have shown themselves to be open-minded and reflective thinkers, applying knowledge of what they have learned to the world around them. Above all else, they have shown how much they care for their world and have all taken away ideas of what they can do to better care for our planet. 

Caring has been a common theme this term, as the children have taken time to think not just of the planet, but of those around them. They have initiated acts of kindness, practiced mindfulness, and have shown their ability to stay healthy and engaged despite some of the challenges in online learning. 

The children have made massive gains in their literacy, exploring and practicing the elements of 'being a good reader.' They have expressed creativity in their writing through letters and procedural texts. In Maths, they have been exploring the concept of division and multiplication and have shown their ability to relate Maths to everyday life. They have also developed their problem-solving skills by engaging in weekly 'open-ended' maths problems. These tasks focus on developing proficiency and confidence in their mathematical thinking rather than finding the 'correct answer.' It was a struggle for some; initially, they have come to love the challenge of these tasks each week. 

We will start our new unit in the last week of term, inquiring into Where We Are In Place And Time.  

Year 2 

Last week, we came to the end of the Unit of Inquiry, 'Sharing the Planet.' As an action at the end of their learning, the children authored their books with a focus on producing a story inspired by an environmental activist. Most children chose to do their books on Book Creator, while others decided to make a story on Toontastic or Powerpoint. Most decided to display their growing IT skills that have certainly improved this term. The children were influenced by beautiful picture storybooks such as 'The Plastic Bag' and 'Uno's garden' as motivation for their ideas. 

So, what does it look like organising an event? For the last three weeks of Term 3, the Year 2 children will be looking into what makes an event come to life. The possibility that they will be organising is a 'Readers Festival.' 

Throughout the next few weeks, the children will be actively involved in discussions, questioning, and being self-directed in their running. They will co-construct the planning and become aware of the systems and processes needed to occur. Stay tuned to see what transpires!

We're almost at the end of the term, and we can't wait to see each other soon.