Prep to Year Two group news

It was terrific welcoming everyone back to school on Monday. The joyful sounds of children filling the classrooms were a delight to hear. We've hit the ground running in the junior years as we prepare for a busy end to the year. Reestablishing classroom agreements and settling the children into their new routine has been a big focus in all classrooms since returning.


Welcome back, Preps! It was so lovely to welcome the Preps back to our Penbank classroom this week. There was lots of excitement and chatter as we were all finally together again. Over the last week, we have spent lots of time reconnecting with each other again and getting back into classroom routines. It's been wonderful to see them ease back into school life with a sense of ease and readiness.

I thought it would be nice to share the Prep's thoughts and feelings about being back at school.
"I am so happy to see my best friend, Evie." - Charles.
"I'm so happy to play with my friends in the playground." - Evie.
"I'm so excited to see everyone again." - Paige.
"I like seeing my friends, especially you, Britt. I felt lonely at home." - Avery.
"I like to play with my friends." - Ewan.
"I'm so happy to see all my friends." - Leo.
"I like seeing you in real life, Britt." - Charlie.
"I'm happy to see my friend, Alessandro." - Jed.
"I can't wait to play in the playground with my friends." - Alessandro.
"I'm happy to see all my friends at school." - Levi.
"I feel a bit nervous, but I'm trying, and I do like seeing my friends." - Jonathan.
"I'm happy I get to see my friends and no more Zoom." - Pia.
"I'm excited to see my friends." - Violet.
"I feel happy to see Ada." - Ava.
"I'm happy to have my class back together." - Indie.
"I'm happy to be back at school." - Ellie.
"I feel happy because I get to see my teachers and friends." - Eloise.
"I'm glad I don't have to do my school work at home and happy that I'm back at school." - Olive.

Term 4 is all about thinking differently and creatively, with a big focus on the Arts as we start looking ahead to our end of year performance lovingly referred to as CREATE. Like everything else this year, CREATE will look slightly different as we start thinking outside the box. Stay tuned for details!

Our inquiry focus for the term is 'How We Express Ourselves' with the central idea, 'People communicate meaning and express their identities through stories.’'

We will inquire into:

  • The role of storytelling (dramatic play, music, art, dance)
  • Our connections to stories
  • Expressing our identity through storytelling

Our literacy focus will be embedded within our inquiry this term with a big emphasis on storytelling. The children will have a go at illustrating, oral retelling, performing, creating, and writing their narratives to share with their Prep friends. As you read to your children at home, you might like to prompt them about the main character, setting, problem, and solution. It's a great way to check for comprehension and understanding.

Our numeracy focus will also be embedded within our inquiry unit with a big emphasis on the pattern as we explore different Arts forms. Patterns are everywhere, and we will be encouraging children to make these connections in real life. There will also focus on measurement, including volume and capacity, as the children create their potato characters to explore these concepts and link their characters to storytelling.

We will continue to focus on explicit literacy and numeracy skills to allow the children to transfer these skills to independent explorations within our inquiry focus.

Again, thank you for all your support, Prep parents. We made it! It's beautiful to see the children's smiling faces as they reconnect with all their friends!


Welcome back, everyone. It is so good to be back in the classroom again and to see everyone's smiling faces. We welcome back Sebby to the group this term, and we also welcome Rupert and his family (parents Georgie and Richard and younger sister younger sister, Matilda who have just joined us). The focus since our return has been on settling in, reconnection, and sharing stories.


We are coming to the end of our unit of Inquiry into Where we are in Place and Time, and we will celebrate the 'story' of who we are by holding a mini Year 1 museum of individual artifacts. The students have been writing about the items they have brought in from home and have labeled and set them up, ready for our mini expo to be shared with the Preps.

We will then move into our final unit of inquiry for the year - How We Express Ourselves - which will link with our annual school performance, CREATE. Our main idea for this unit is to look into how people use light and sound to express. The students have already started exploring how light can be used to create stories through shadow screens, and they will extend their learning here more as we begin this unit in week 4.

In Maths, we have been practicing our new skills in using money at the Year 1 ice cream shop! The students have created a shop with labels and menus and have been practicing counting out the correct money to buy some very expensive ice-creams - some sell for $40!. We will now move into the area of probability. Students will start to use the likely, unlikely, certain, and impossible language to explain the likelihood of certain events happening.

In English, we are consolidating all the skills we have learned this year and bringing it together to help us write stories and explore how we express ourselves through oral and written language. We will look at poetry to convey information, and students will use these skills to help them create stories for their shadow screen stories.


Year 2 has enjoyed the start of our time back having some 'I time,' the I standing for 'Inquiry.' Beginning our new Unit of Inquiry, "How we express ourselves." The children have been using this time to investigate the different materials that artists use, for example, charcoal, oil pastels, paint, and even playing around with natural materials from the bush and making beautiful art. The children have had a lovely time reconnecting and renewing their friendships with each other.

We have jumped back into our Inquiry into Fractions this week with the children developing the understanding that a fraction is a part of something. The children were also able to visit the Library and add some books of interest to their book box for the Readers workshop and use Inquiry time as a seed for the Writers workshop.

It's been wonderful seeing everyone back, and we aim to make the most of every minute in these last precious weeks we have together.