Prep - 2 Group News

General news/updates

Wow! It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the term. The children have settled in beautifully to our classroom routines and expectations. We have loved getting to know the new faces and families in our classrooms. 

Inquiry Update

In the Prep classroom we have been exploring our personal identities and our understanding of what this means. The children have come up with words that make up one's personal identity, e.g. family, friends, culture, where we come from, interests, belonging, our appearances and the food we eat. We have been exploring and discussing these concepts through interest-driven creations at the collage table and through relationship building at the home and school area. We have started talking about our families and will continue to identify where our families come from and how this shapes our identities. We will begin collecting information and mapping where we each come from. You can start this conversation at home by discussing where students were born, and even parents and grandparents. 

We would also love to invite parents to come in and cook a dish that is a symbol of your culture or even a family recipe that has been passed down through your family. Please see the cooking roster on our communication board to sign up. 

The Year 1s have spent the last few weeks exploring the systems we use within our classroom community and how these help us to be more productive and efficient. Students have been very creative in thinking of new systems they can invent to help in the classroom. They have made two new classroom robots that help clean up, smile at everyone so that we can be in the ‘green zone’ and even make cups of coffee! We are starting our new area of inquiry this week, ‘Who We Are’. We will look at what it means to be unique. We will explore ideas of individuality and will explore the ways in which we are all different – family, appearance, interests, strengths and capabilities. 

Year 1 would also love to invite parents to come in and cook a dish that is either significant to your family heritage or a favourite recipe that is unique to you. Please see the cooking roster on our communication board to sign up.

Diversity continues to be a concept Year 2 has been exploring and defining. Accepting and respecting that we are all different has shone through in our ideas for a new rekindled kindness tree that will make an appearance on our school stage. The children have designed their thoughts on paper and then transferred those ideas into creative prototypes. Marc and Lindsey, our maintenance team will be visiting to help us bring the final product to life. Watch this space to see the children’s ideas come to life.

English Update

In Prep we have been busy writing our names, sequencing the alphabet, clapping syllables and learning all new phonograms. We have learnt all the 2 o’clock phonograms (a, c, d, g, f, g, o, qu and s) and have begun learning some line letters (b, e, h, i, j and l). The children have learnt the sounds related to these phonograms and have been thinking of words to match. We have been making these letters with nature, craft, playdough, fingerprints, pins and using mini cork boards, whiteboards and blackboards. I wonder where you might find these phonograms at home? We have been developing concepts of print including understanding text directionality (left to right) and tracking words (using our tracking finger) as we read and begin to sound out CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words e.g. 'cat'. At this stage of the year we encourage you to read to your child each day. Model using your ‘tracking (pointer) finger’ to track the words and demonstrate sounding out simple words e.g. d-o-g. Your child might also be able to identify some of our new phonograms and even have a go at sounding out with you. 

In keeping with the idea of systems, the Year 1s have been looking at the systems we use in literacy and thinking about the rules we follow when decoding texts and creating our own pieces of writing. We have explored the structure of sentences and have had fun using our knowledge of nouns and verbs to create ‘silly’ sentences. 

Building stamina during Readers Workshop has been a continued focus in Year 2. During our independent reading times the children have been looking at making ‘text to self’ connections with the books they are reading. Writers Workshop routines are well underway with children writing informative pieces about themselves through the lens of the photos they have brought into class.

Maths Update 

The Preps have been exploring number through counting, recognising groups of objects (subitising) and practising writing numerals to 10 with correct formation. Please encourage your child to count forwards or backwards from any given number between 0-20. We have been learning to sequence the days of the week, seasons and months of the year and talk about the routines of the day and week using time language such as ‘yesterday’, ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’. In the coming weeks, we will start exploring data collection through simple pictographs and yes or no questions relating to our interests and families.

Once again, the Year 1s have been exploring the idea of systems and how rules and order helps us count and record numbers. We have looked at ‘time’ as a system and have explored our understanding of duration of time through games such as ‘The Time is Right’ (a take on The Price is Right), where students have had to match activities with estimated times of how long these may take. In the next few weeks, we will be looking at measurement and data as we collect information about ourselves in relation to our unit of inquiry, such as height, eye colour and hair colour.  

Patterns are everywhere in Year 2! Exploring skip counting and the beautiful patterns they make on a hundred chart is one of the focuses we have had this term. Next, we move on from this concept to the relationship between addition and subtraction.  


Lionel Launch from Living Culture will be coming to visit each group on Wednesday March 18. Each group will partake in an hour incursion, learning about the importance of keeping Aboriginal culture alive with Indigenous knowledge being a living link to past, present and future. 

Friendly Reminders! 

Safe playing at school – We encourage students to play outside with sticks, but we remind them that this needs to be safe. Sticks must only be as long as a student’s arm and must not be used for play fighting or as imaginary weapons. 

We ask each child to please bring in labelled gumboots and a rain jacket. These will come in handy during our outdoor learning sessions as the weather begins to change. 

Kindest regards,