Pete’s Sport Report

What a start to the year it has been!

As always, Term 1 is very busy and Outdoor and Physical Education has been no exception. During Physical Education this term we have been learning all the rules and regulations of lessons, as well as ensuring we are safe and engaged at all times. Along with the 3Rs (Respect for Self, Others and The Environment), I always encourage each student to try their hardest in every lesson.

If they can bring an enthusiastic and positive attitude to every session, we will see improvement in not only their sporting skills but also their happiness and health. This term, Year 3, 4 and 5 participated in some fantastic experiences on their camps to Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory respectively.

During Term 1, we have focused on three main sports – Tennis, Cricket and Diamond Sports (Rounders, Tee-Ball and Softball). On top of the Physical Education lessons, it has been amazing to see the Prep and Year 1 students excel in their PMP lessons and Years 3–6 students enjoying their Friday afternoon sports. During these sessions, we have practised our Summer Lightning Premiership Sports (Cricket, Tennis, Rounders, Tee-Ball, Basketball and Lawn Bowls) in preparation for Summer Lightning Premiership. A HUGE thank you to the parents and teachers who have helped out during PMP lessons, as well as supporting our wonderful school during district events. Your support and assistance are greatly appreciated.

We have also achieved outstanding results in the District Swimming Carnival events with 38 students representing Penbank and ten going on to division level. Please see below the students who progressed through to division.

1st place

2nd place

U11 Boys Freestyle – Fergus O, Fergus G, Finn T, Charlie P

U9/10 Girls Backstroke – Mimi P

U12/13 Girls Breastroke – Remy M

U12/13 Girls Open Medley Relay – Maya H, Daisy B, Remy M, Emma M

U12/13 Girls Butterfly – Maya H

U12/13 Girls Backstroke – Maya H 

U9/10 Girls Breastroke – Olivia B  

Once again, a big thank you to all parents and teachers who supported and encouraged our wonderful swimmers at these events, and well done to our amazing students on their outstanding results!

Along with a brilliant start to the year in Physical Education, the Year 5s also experienced a wonderful week at Wilsons Prom for their camp. Activities included surfing, canoeing, beach art, hiking, orienteering, movies, a night walk, trivia, beach games and plenty of others. It was a tremendous week, and I am very lucky to be able to enjoy these experiences along with our students and staff. Thank you to all the students and teachers, especially ChrisGayleMattLorraineFrannyJanineLindsey and Marc.

The Year 3/4 also experienced a wonderful time at The Island Accommodation in Phillip Island. Activities included Churchill Island, Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Reserve, Amaze N Things, a night walk, pelican feeding and many more. Thank you to all students, teachers and parents, especially JustinHannahGayle and Sally

Penbank Basketball Wrap Up - Summer Season 19/20

U14 Girls Panthers

The girls played in U14 Div 1 and finished 6th on the ladder from seven teams. Record: 2 wins / 6 losses / 2 forfeits.

Good effort by the girls to play in Div 1. They have improved a lot, having played Div 2 for the previous season. Great effort, girls.

U14 Girls Cheetahs

The girls played in U14 Div 3 and finished 7th on the ladder from ten teams. Record: 3 wins / 7 losses / 1 draw.

The girls won their last game of the season 14-9 – well-done, girls.

U14 Boys Griffins

The boys played in U14 Div 3 and finished 9th on the ladder from 12 teams. Record: 6 wins / 5 losses.

The team had some notable wins during the season against the 2nd and 3rd teams on the ladder. Well done boys.

U12 Girls Tigers

The girls played in U12 Div 3 and finished 4th on the ladder from six teams. Record: 2 wins / 5 losses / 2 draws.

The girls had an outstanding season and made the semi-finals. A wonderful achievement in their first season!

U12 Boys Raptors

The boys played in U12 Div 5 and finished 1st on the ladder from nine teams. Record: 8 wins / 0 losses. The boys had an outstanding season and finished undefeated. Unfortunately, the season's finals were cancelled, however, as the boys finished on top of the ladder it means they have won the championship in their first season! An incredible achievement. Well done boys!

Thank you to everyone involved during the Summer Season 19/20.

MDBA Winter Season 2020

Just a quick update on the upcoming Winter 2020 Basketball Season. I have registered our Penbank Basketball teams for the forthcoming season. Obviously, with the uncertainty surrounding the season, I will be checking the MDBA website and communicating with Chris of any changes to the fixture and we will communicate these to families as early as possible. Please keep checking the MDBA website for any up to date information. Families and students will also know their teams later this week.

Please be patient in these difficult times as we are all in the same position. If we have a situation where there are more than 12 players interested in the same age group, we will register two teams. If we have 11 players, we will register one team. There may be situations that arise during the season such as illness, injuries, holidays, unavailability etc. which means having 11 players allows for greater flexibility in these situations. It also allows the opportunity for everyone to play, as is our school philosophy. 

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe, healthy and happy.

Physical and Outdoor Education