Personalising Learning for the Future

This is a time of enormous change in education, driven by massive technological, societal and cultural transformation. To keep pace, schools need to shift from looking backward, to facing forward – preparing children for their futures, not our past.

As workforce needs evolve, what employers now need are people who can apply knowledge and manipulate it in creative ways – people who can solve problems and develop solutions. Increasingly important are communication, critical thinking, complex problem-solving and vocational skills – to do all those jobs that robots can’t.

At Woodleigh, we see the development of academic learning, personal wellbeing, and student engagement as interdependent. Our approach to teaching is paced to students' learning needs, tailored to their learning preferences, and built around their specific interests and passions. 

But education should not just be about getting a job.

It’s about developing young people with character, people who are concerned, ethically conscious citizens committed to making the world a better place. At Woodleigh, we offer a real experience of life. We want students to be productive, to make things, to learn in a variety of settings, to practise the process of drafting and refinement in an effort to create work they are proud of, works of excellence. Work that will have a positive impact on the world.

Jonathan Walter