Performance Anxiety and/or Public Speaking Support in 2023

In 2023, Minimbah is offering specialised tuition for students who are shy or anxious about public speaking, or for those who experience performance anxiety in different settings. The two programmes: Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety/Presentation Skills are tailored specifically to support the learning style, interests and needs of each student.

Public Speaking:

The central aim is to support all students, regardless of age or experience, to feel more confident presenting to an individual, class or larger audience. Students wishing to extend their public speaking skills will explore the fundamental techniques needed to connect with and communicate effectively with an audience, including preparing text, writing speeches, breathing, presence, muscularity/articulation and resonance.

Performance Anxiety and Presentation Skills:

Those wishing to address performance anxiety or develop their presentation skills, will learn and practice a range of strategies to support their ability to think clearly and optimise their performance in tests, at assemblies or in performances. A range of techniques, drawing from Alexander Technique and those taught at Julliard and the University of Melbourne are at the core of this work.

The programmes are offered as part of the Minimbah specialist and instrumental music program, allowing students to attend a 30 minute lesson once a week. Students not wishing to commit for a full year’s tuition can enrol for a single term. Enrolment forms can be found on SEQTA or by visiting the music office – see Jo Corbel

For more information, email Lucy Wharington-

Voice Teacher