Peninsula Energy Challenge Camp – Anita Lang, Zoe Costello-Edwards, Noah Hull & Max McSweeney

I've had so much fun during this Camp Week. Overall I've made some new friends, got closer to old ones and learnt so many skills to use for the future. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to come to Woodleigh and go on all these camps and activities. I can't wait to go on future camps and get to learn new life skills.

Anita Lang
Year 8

I loved this camp! I found that this camp was more challenging than I thought. From Mountain Bike Riding to Clay Target Shooting and Archery. I will be so tired but I am glad that I did all that.

Zoe Costello-Edwards
Year 7

Peninsula Energy Challenge Camp
The activities make you feel like a champ
From Gravity Zone to the Hot Springs
When I got to the top of Arthurs Seat I felt like a king.

Noah Hull
Year 7

On Camp Week I enjoyed learning new things and picking up activities that I have never done before. I will start to do some of these activities in my daily life because of this camp.

Max McSweeney
Year 7