Penbank’s PFG – Parents and Friends Group

Welcome to the PFG! We meet regularly throughout the year to support our campus and the school in fundraising and friend raising. Community, Connectedness, Communication, Creativity & Contribution… is what we’re all about!

A volunteer committee of class parent representatives comprise the PFG along with the Head of Penbank Campus (Vivienne Wearne) and other administrative staff. Each volunteer has specific responsibilities. In this way the PFG can effectively manage the range of activities that contribute to the school. The PFG is greatly assisted by Penbank staff and a network of volunteer parents and friends from the Early Learning Centre to Year 6. 

The PFG plays a significant role building relationships with parents through social events, fund-raising or the celebration of special occasions.

Some examples of PFG activities include:

  • Tuck Shop Days each term
  • Orientation days/nights for new parents
  • Anzac Day Morning Tea
  • Harmony Day Picnic
  • District Cross Country Tuck-shop
  • Wugubank Fundraising
  • Mother’s Day luncheon/activities
  • Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Provision of funds to others

The PFG is proud of its efforts to build a strong sense of community among all Penbank families. PFG meetings are held towards the beginning and end of each term (around Weeks 2 and 6) with all details on the Woodleigh App. Attending these meetings gives a broader understanding of the day-to-day life of the school. It also demonstrates to our children that we consider the school to be a very important part of family life. 

The PFG warmly invites all parents and friends of Penbank to attend the regular PFG meetings and encourages parents and friends to become involved and participate actively in the Penbank community.

Please contact Penbank Reception for further information: or use the Woodleigh App and press the PFG button! We look forward to connecting with you!

The first meeting for the year: Wednesday 12 February, 9:00 am in the dining area of the hall.

All welcome!

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