Penbank Campus - Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts students have created some very persuasive ads, you'll be reaching for the credit card!

Barney Productions advertisement – Sexi Flexi 2000 (AKA Bunnings Ruler)

Blake's advertisement – Blake's Lemonade Scones

Caitlyn's advertisement – Curious Grace Hairbrush

Charlotte's advertisement – Roller Shoes

Emma's ad – Concrete Chook

Essie's ad – The Terrific Toilet

Daisy's – Go Pro Ad

Handy Hammers Advertisment

Henry's ad – Pro Mini Hoop Mighty

Leisel's ad – Jungle Drink Bottle

Lexie's Ad – Kirks Drinks

Lily's Ad – Rogz Leads

Luke's Ad – Apple Watch

Max's Bike Ad

Max R's Computer Ad

Mia's Ad – The Amazing Pickle

Check out the podcasts, may-be you'll learn something new!

Benjamin Swayne's Podcast – The Unsinkable Ship

Charlotte Brown's Podcast – Wizarding World News

James' Podcast – 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Josh's Podcast – Dragon Dogs

Bob's Podcast – Kobe Bryant

Mathew's Podcast – Nintendo Switch Review

Mimis' Podcast - Dean the Olympic Diver

Ella's Podcast – Mama's Dog Charlie

Olive's Podcast – Making Nachos with Olive & Muffin

Ruby's Podcast – Flower Power

Here are some videos reminding us how to ...

Catherine – Snap, putting on shoes

Chilli's – Snap, getting dressed for school

Hudson's – Snap, making breakfast

Joe – Snap, reminding you how to pack your school bag

Lexi – Snap, getting ready for school

Lotti – Snap, the Oodie, keeps you warm

Luke – Snap, how to tie a shoelace

Maia – Snap, getting dressed for school

Mia – Snap, getting dressed for school