Y7 PE Dance unit

All our Year 7’s have been moovin’ and groovin’ in our PE Dance unit during this term. After doing a dance class at school, they all took on the CLP challenge to choreograph their dance to their chosen piece of music. Some students worked individually, whilst others worked with a partner and some in a group of 4; an even more significant challenge!

After a class warm-up, the students broke out into breakout rooms to make up their movement patterns and refine their finished pieces. What a showcase it was!

The teachers had the pleasure of witnessing some good dance moves; step touch combinations, hip hop, tap dance, ballroom and the moonwalk, to name a few. Whilst performing, the students also had to dodge the hazards around them; cupboard doors, dancing dogs, desk & chair, exercise equipment and barn doors. Through the testing times of internet outages, temporarily frozen dance partners, music delays and “which way is left and right when your partner is mirroring you?.” Our Year 7s stayed persistent and worked patiently alongside each other whilst having a whole lot of fun. Below are some reflections and a few sneaky screenshots from our classes.

“The music really made us feel like we were on a stage dancing.” Harry

“It looks straightforward and easy, yet it looks cool, but it is a lot harder than it looks.” Rupert

“Our dance had moves that moved into other dance moves. We refined them to add emphasis and detail.” Dash

“Me and my partner were confident and not afraid to try new dance moves.” Fergus

“My favourite part of our dance was the choreography as we all contributed and created it together and included some really fun movements.” Maya

“I think that my strengths were that my partner and I both knew the dance and were able to perform it well.” Isobel

Well done to all the Year 7s!

Year 7 HPE Teachers