Patterns, Procedures and the Planet: Learning in Years 1 and 2

What an amazing term 2 we have had in Years 1 and 2! Lots of learning, many discoveries, and plenty to celebrate.


This term in numeracy, we have focussed on some of their measurement and geometry skills. We have explored the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes, including noting how these properties can be applied to irregular shapes. They have created shape pictures, puzzled over differences, been on a shape walk around the school, and shared their understandings. They all loved using the GeoShapes to create their own 3D models, some even managed a dodecahedron. We have also focused on representing and solving simple addition and subtraction problems using various strategies, including counting on, partitioning, and rearranging numbers. The children examined the relationship between addition and subtraction and applied this to larger numbers. As part of the APSMO Maths Quest, we have been exploring patterns with Mrs Liddiard and have learned the mathematical names linked to the parts of patterns such as terms (the smallest individual part) and the core (the repeating group that forms the pattern). We finished patterns, recognised parts, and created our own patterns.


This term in literacy, our 1/2 community has focused on the writing genre of procedural writing. This form of writing has provided a valuable opportunity for our young authors to develop their literacy skills, build critical thinking abilities, and foster their creativity. Through this process, they have expanded their vocabulary by learning precise action words, time-related terms, and sequential phrases. The step-by-step nature of procedural writing has compelled them to express themselves clearly and coherently, improving their sentence structure, grammar, and overall communication skills. Our students have delighted us with their imaginative approaches to mundane tasks. From describing the perfect sandwich to a step-by-step guide for playing Minecraft, they have ensured their writing is written with a unique flair and personal touches. RWInc. sessions have continued throughout the term. Some students have changed groups this term but for some, they may have remained at the same levels however progression has been noticed and consolidation is evident. The students continue to work in small groups, reading books, focussing on comprehension and fluency in their reading, spelling, sentence structure, recall of known sounds, and a variety of different writing genres including – letter writing, stories, lists, and recounts.


This term in Inquiry, we have been diving in and out of some of our whole year units of inquiry. We have continued to look at systems and services as well as Earth’s natural cycles, as was seen in our amazing assembly performance. These units also led well into our ‘Sharing the planet’ unit, focusing on how ‘People use Earth's resources with varying impact’. During this unit, we discussed various topics such as recycling, reducing waste, conserving energy, and protecting habitats. We learned that our planet has limited resources, and it is our responsibility to use them wisely and share them fairly with others. We also discovered that small actions from each of us can make a big difference in preserving natural resources for future generations.

Here are some recent photos of us working with Monica exploring Indigenous symbols as a system of communication.

Enjoy your holiday break, and we look forward to a great Semester 2!

Year 1 and 2 Teachers