Prep - Year 2 Group News

Last week marked the halfway point for Term 2, and although it's only Week 6, it feels like an eternity since we were all at school. There is no doubt that many children are excited about reconnecting with friends and teachers alike. We are so looking forward to the children's voices and laughter filling the classrooms once again. The P-2 team would like to thank you all for your patience and support during these unprecedented times and moving forward into the second half of Term 2 in the classroom. Our learning environments may feel different as we phase back into school life, and there will be changes to our routines that we all need to adapt. For some of you, this may also be a time of mixed emotions, which we understand. Please be assured that we will have a strong focus on wellbeing as we return, working with you and the children to help them get back to our 'new' normal. Even though we can't see you in the classroom for now (we will miss our morning chats with you), we are still here whenever you need us.


Again, a huge thank you to our Prep parents. You've supported, scaffolded, and embraced a new way of learning for our little people, every step of the way! I appreciate your patience and commitment to helping deliver our Continuous Learning Plan; you did it!

This term, the children have developed their understanding of 'How living things adapt and grow' through inquiries into the needs of living things, adaptations of living creatures, and how they can learn about living things. It proved to be a perfect unit to explore at home, making observations in the backyard, and enjoying their time in nature. The children have demonstrated their understanding by recording illustrations, simple pictographs, photos, observing, predicting, experimenting, voice recordings, and creating non-fiction texts as links to maths and Literacy for real-life learning. We'll continue to delve deeper as we return to the Prep classroom.

Now is the time to reflect and celebrate what learning at home looked like. Creative, resourceful, tedious, up, down, colourful, memorable, and fun!

I can't wait to see their smiling faces back in our beautiful Prep space with connection and wellbeing a big focus as we settle back into school life. See you all soon!


Over the past six weeks, your children have achieved so much. But they could not have done this without your ongoing support and encouragement, and without the time you have committed to engaging in the Continuous Learning Program. Thank you all! 🙏

This term, we completed our Unit of Inquiry into Values, which turned out to be a perfect unit for our time at home. The children learned about the importance of values and, more significantly, which benefits are unique and vital to them. We related our Literacy through the creation of character stories where the children showed their ability to understand parts of a story and put them together to create a narrative. They further explored the notion of connection by examining parts in maths through number bonds and double facts. We also looked into various types of measurement. Here are some photos of their work.

On our return, we will continue with our new Unit of Inquiry 'How the World Works' exploring living cycles. We will link this to Literacy by examining informative texts and comparing them to narratives. We will use our knowledge of whole numbers as 'parts' and move into addition and subtraction. 

We can't wait to see the children back in the classroom and to hear the sound of them working and playing with their friends, although I will miss that mute button on Zoom!! 


Last week we launched into our new Unit of Inquiry 'How the world works,' which will be an exciting exploration into forces. The children's central idea Understanding forces enables people to create and innovate. It will take them on an exciting hands-on learning journey, discovering diverse forces and how they act on different objects. We will be investigating how forces are created along with all of the different variables that impact them. When we get back to school, the children will be recording and documenting their findings in a science journal - just like a real scientist! We will also be exploring informal measurement and linking it in with ways of recording our scientific results. 

I look forward to seeing the children again in the classroom as we try to adapt to our 'new' normal. 

The Prep to Year 2 team