‘Our World’ was inspired by the thinking and ideas of the Year 5 and 6 groups and woven together with consideration for the artistic strengths and interests of each year level.

‘Our World’ plot line draws on the current interests of the students and is combined with the learning experiences the students have been involved in during their inquiry learning across the year.

Through the creative process, students exhibited resilience, perseverance, and patience and should be commended for their hard work. Many times, a students’ growth or achievement is not easily seen at the Finale but evident in the social interactions, creative input, resilience and maturity that they have shown over the course of the rehearsal and performance period.

I am exceptionally proud of each and every student for the way in which they have adapted their thinking and skills to embrace this digital medium (once again) and for their tremendous growth, confidence, focus and performance skills.

We hope you enjoy the show as we present ‘Our World’.