Our Trip To thankyou and STREAT

On the last day of Term 2, the Economics, Accounting and Business Management classes went on an excursion to thankyou, known best for their thankyou water and their extreme marketing abilities, and another location called STREAT, best known for their food carts seen around the city.

Thankyou had taken up a modern approach to business, with adapting to social media platforms, free dress days, and an office filled with plants, art and a very adorable dog. Thankyou started off as a company that sold bottled water in an attempt to raise money to help less fortunate communities throughout the world, and still maintain this belief, as they donate 100% of all profits.

After a presentation by the staff at thankyou, the students were taken on a tour of the two-storey office, seeing the small group that leads the marketing, designing, financial and relations teams at thankyou. Thankyou has achieved its level of success by being a marketing machine, relying on the Australian community, risking everything with a book published where you choose to pay what you want, witty stunts, such as flying banners around the city promoting companies to buy their goods, and YouTube adverts. Thankyou has been able to establish itself as a reliable marketing team, with a good heart behind them.

After our trip to thankyou, we went to the organisation known as STREAT. STREAT aims to help aid those who have been placed in unfortunate positions, by training them with specific skills in catering, cooking, baking, as well as other skills. This aims to allow these people who have very little, to have a chance to take their lives back into their hands. We had a quick tour of the location and then a presentation, followed by a lovely lunch made by the people working at STREAT itself, ending on a high note for the day.

Altogether the day was enlightening, and a great way to end the term. Thank you to the teachers who organized it.

Alexander James Selkirk
Year 12